For someone who didn’t pick up running at an early age and is now talking about it so much, here I wanna give you 10 good reasons to run to pick up the sport and start embracing it.

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You’ve heard it for sure before, there is something about running that can help you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I wasn’t born a runner and didn’t expect myself to be running and enjoying it so much. I actually started a little late. I was already working when I picked up running. But hey no one is too old to pick up a new hobby or sport whether it’s running, cooking, or sewing you just gotta start somewhere.

10 good reasons to run

10 Good Reasons You Need To Run

1. Running Improves Physical Health

Over the years there are link studies between running and how it affects our health. One study is from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology from the data they have gathered over the course of 15 years the study has stated that runners have a 30% lower risk of death than nonrunners.

Running also improves our bone density and helps build strong muscles. Whether you are into weight loss or you want to have more confidence, try to lace up and start to run.

man running in the field
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2. Running Improves Mental Health

Just like how running trains our body running also helps train our mind and our way of thinking. According to a study, running helps to release chemical endorphins that help relieve stress and pain. Being out on a run you will get to know yourself and what you are truly capable of.

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3. Running Gives You Confidence

Running has been proven of giving that happy feeling and accomplishing thus the famous “Runners High” Once you started running and are able to run a 5k or 10k no matter how fast or slow it will make you feel confident that you can actually run and do it. It is a kind of activity that you can do for yourself and that is confidence.

4. Running Takes You To New Places

Remember when you wanted to visit a nearby park but somehow you won’t visit it because of being lazy maybe it’s about time to do it and run sightseeing. Running is also a good excuse to travel for vacation and do a race at the same time.

running medal in the glaciers

5. Running For A Good Cause

Running for a good cause gives you that feeling of achievement not only from finishing a race but also from being able to help others. You are helping in a way to spread a good cause and create awareness by joining and spreading the word also the funds being raised through this helps many lives. You can also dedicate your run to someone that will give you more motivation like the I Run 4 Michael.

The above information is some good reasons to run but wait we are not yet done with giving 10 good reasons to run.

6. Running Allows one To Meet New People

Running allows you to meet people, especially in groups or on sponsored runs. You will be able to meet people of different ages and be inspired by their run. I have made a few good friends because of joining group runs and we sometimes plan to run together and catch up for breakfast. Also when you are feeling a little down they will be there to encourage you or even help train you.

7. Running Slows The Process of Aging

Various research studies were able to identify that between a group of runners and nonrunners, those who run regularly were able to defy the ageing process because of overall health improvement, and better immune, and cholesterol levels.

8. Running Allows To Spend Time Alone

Since running is a solo activity that you can do at your own convenient time it’s a time you can dedicate to yourself. Whether you are facing a decision making or wanted to reflect on something it will give you time to process it. Running can help you come up with a decision or idea that will help you. It allows you to reflect on your goals and dreams in life and also gives you time to be away from your phone.

9. Running Allows You To Enjoy Food

Oh, carbs! Who doesn’t love to eat? Because of running, you get to enjoy another serving of pasta and some beers. Especially the night before the race and after, you will totally enjoy it aside from you will be able to meet new friends from other places. 

10. Running Is Free

Running is almost totally free all you needed is a good pair of running shoes and running clothes if you don’t have one and you can head outside of your house you also won’t need to pay any membership fee like going to the gym although it’s different once you join races which requires payment though it earns you medal after crossing the finish line.

Now that you read the 10 good reasons to run it’s time for you to lace up those shoes and start to run. Remember you don’t have to go fast you just have to enjoy and you will find your own pace.

Caveat: If you have an existing pre-condition it is better to first consult your doctor before starting an activity and it is also important to listen to your body when doing an activity. If you find this article helpful don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll be first to receive the latest article. With the current Covid-19 situation ensure to wear a mask after running and run responsibly.

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  1. I completely agree that running is good for your mental health! It helps you get all that nervous energy out and be calm so you can think things through easier. Plus, you can get lots of good vitamin D out there which helps you feel better too!

    1. Hi thank you for the comment, my suggestion is to replace the lost calories during running by eating again 🙂

  2. hahah this post is like written for me… I used to love running and stopped doing it out of the blue… Definitely need to get into it again. Thanks for the reminder why running is so important.

  3. Great piece! It’s so true that the mental benefits with exercise can often outweigh even the physical ones. The uplifting of our moods after a nice run or hike is just a great feeling.

  4. I love your reasons for running. Clearing my mind and some mindfulness time is exactly why I do it. I wish I knew tricks to help my children grow to enjoy running too.

  5. Hi Jeannie, for me there was always one and only one reason to run. Humans are running animals and I felt that in my bones. Unfortunately, I currently try to get my knee pain under control before lacing up those shoes again.

    1. Hoping for your recovery and thank you for your comment and I think I agree with you we are partly running animals, lol

  6. For someone who is not a runner, I am glad to have read this from someone who initially was not into running as well. I have to say, I never thought about the eating part, but I have had more energy to run longer when I had eaten carbs.

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