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Hello There!

About me. I’m Jeannie the owner of therunningbaker24dotcom I like to read, take photos, traveling, and running. After turning plant-based I had difficulty eating and enjoying desserts so I decided to learn baking and to make dairy-free desserts that I can enjoy and share with others.

My tagline “A hobbyist by heart” originated a few years back when I found joy in photography. It started as a hobby and eventually did some commissioned work.

In everything that I do, I always try to put my heart into it.

When I became a running enthusiast, I found myself randomly encouraging family and friends to run as well.

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Why therunningbaker24?

about me and a deer in Japan

Writing is also something that I like doing and so the name therunningbaker24. It is the combination of two of my passions running and dairy-free baking. I want to use this platform to share easy dairy-free recipes and tips about running and my experiences from being a non-runner to an ultramarathoner.

This photo was taken in Nara, Japan after my trip to Nagoya where I participated in an all-women marathon with a Tiffany necklace as our medal, in short, I run 42.2 km to get the medal.

Why Plant Based?

Watching documentaries and learning about how beneficial running is to our health encouraged me to live a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I started my journey on plant-based meals, this is what captivated my attention to baking.

I remember watching documentaries on youtube of ultra-marathoners who practice plant-based diet or veganism and how their recovery is faster because of their lifestyle. Slowly I stop buying dairy and meat products in the grocery and just tried to cook and eat more plant-based meals.

You don’t have to transition overnight you can start by simply changing your milk to non dairy options and with so much information available now and how accessible it is you will not find it hard to change.

Moving forward, I would also like to promote and write bits on sustainability and minimalism as part of my plant-based journey.

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For now that’s it about me. A hobbyist by heart.

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