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Hello There!

About me. I’m Jeannie the owner of therunningbaker24dotcom I like to read, take photos, travel, and run. After turning plant-based I had difficulty eating and enjoying desserts so I decided to learn baking and to make dairy-free and vegan desserts that I can enjoy and share with others.

My tagline “A hobbyist by heart” originated a few years back when I found joy in photography. It started as a hobby and eventually did some commissioned work.

In everything that I do, I always try to put my heart into it.

When I became a running enthusiast, I found myself randomly encouraging family and friends to run as well.

Why therunningbaker24?

about me and a deer in Japan

Writing is also something that I like doing and so is the name therunningbaker24. It is the combination of two of my passions running and dairy-free baking. I want to use this platform to share easy plant-based and vegan recipes and tips about running and my experiences from being a non-runner to an ultramarathoner.

This photo was taken in Nara, Japan after my trip to Nagoya where I participated in an All-Women Marathon with a Tiffany necklace as our medal, in short, I run 42.2 km to get the medal.

Why Plant Based?

Watching documentaries and learning about how beneficial running is to our health encouraged me to live a healthy lifestyle. Since then, I started my journey on plant-based meals, this is what captivated my attention to baking.

I remember watching documentaries on youtube of ultra-marathoners who practice plant-based diets or veganism and how their recovery is faster because of their lifestyle. Slowly I stop buying dairy and meat products in the grocery and just tried to cook and eat more plant-based meals.

You don’t have to transition overnight you can start by simply changing your milk to non-dairy options and with so much information available now and how accessible it is you will not find it hard to change.

Moving forward, I would also like to promote and write bits on sustainability and minimalism as part of my plant-based journey.

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February 2021 I have been included in the Top 50 Plant-based Food Blogs by Sharon Palmer. Please do check it out if you are curious and wanted to learn more about plant-based meals and cooking.

November 2021 I was featured in Meatless Movement which also advocates plant-based and vegan lifestyles.



TRIVIA: I am an Industrial Engineer who found passion in writing, photography, running, and creating plant-based recipes. I also aspire to complete the World Six Major Marathons.

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