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Batanes travel guide. I wrote this article after our trip to Batanes. If you are not familiar with the island it is located in the northern part of the Philippines and its about 120 miles south of Taiwan.

Last summer I planned a trip or a short getaway in my home country. I made a research on how to go to Batanes, how much will be the expenses and what are things I can do there. Since I knew someone who have been there before I asked her about her stay and so I made this Batanes travel guide to give you an idea on why you should visit the island.

We stayed in a small hotel which is located in the center of Basco, the capital of Batanes. After contacting the hotel manager about our stay she happily agreed to accept our reservation without any downpayment it was a Four days trip to Batanes.

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Batanes Travel Guide

1. Flights and Airfare tickets

When we went to Batanes Two airlines caters flights to the island. It is Skyjet and Philippine airlines. The airfare ticket is not cheap if you will not book in advance or will not be able to avail promotions. If you are planning to visit the island I suggest booking your flights early, check promotions or choose off peak seasons. I also suggest to choose the morning flight to maximize your stay in the island.

Our tour will start late after lunch so we asked the receptionist where we can rent a bike to go around the town. So she accompanied us to the nearest bike shop, check for directions and biked the town.

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2. Things to do in Batanes

2.1 Visit the lighthouse (North Batan tour)

If you are staying in Basco area the first thing to see is the Naidi lighthouse and the magnificent view of the island. It is very near the city proper and you can ask the locals for directions. You can rent a bike also going there, but make sure to choose the right bike as it is an uphill journey and can be tiring.

Here we are ready for a long bike going up to see the lighthouse. Choosing the wrong bike will hurt your butt, but we never think of that we were just extremely excited to choose one and bike around. Since its really uphill there’s no other option but  to push it. Besides whatever it is up there will definitely be rewarding. Its the wind, its the view, oh yeah its Batanes what a place to visit.

Batanes travel guide

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Downhill biking is not a problem, yes its sunny and we are definitely hungry:). So I told them about my research of the native Ivatan food, and the place is somewhere near the airport, meaning its a long bike again just to taste their local food.

2.2 Try the local food

Ah the Native Ivatan Platter who could resist this sinful food 😛

If you would like to save costs you can try bringing some food for consumption. There are some hostels that allows you to cook and use their common kitchen. The cost of the food in Batanes is expensive, but that’s a consideration you must give to them. There is a shortage of food supply in Batanes, even vegetables are not enough to its population.

Sharing photos from Batanes. You can check out my facebook album for more photos about the island.

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Naidi Lighthouse

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Sunset in Naidi Hills

There are people who serves food in Naidi lighthouse, you should try and be mesmerized with the scenery and the bright moon in the sky.

Other places to be visited in Basco. Check here.

  • The Cathedral of Immaculada Concepcion
  • Tukon Chapel | Our Lady of Mount Carmel
  • Fundacion Pacita
  • Over looking view of Mt. Irayat
  • Valugan Boulder Beach
  • Chawa View Deck
  • Vayang Rolling hills

North Batan is an easy access, rent a bike and a half day trip is enough.  If you are a biker South Batan though farther can be done also more or less 15km biking, just choose the right bike and safety first, head gear is a necessity.

2.3 Visit Sabtang Island

Sabtang island is located in the southernmost part of Batanes. There are a lot of sceneries to see in this part of Batanes. You can reach the island by taking a boat and a whole day experience is good enough. But if you would like to experience more of it you can stay overnight and catch the next boat on the next day.

Stone houses in Bgy Savidug Sabtang Island

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Ahau Arc

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Racu A Payaman / Marlboro Hills

selfie with a 360deg view of this place

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Forget the face, but check the place, honestly the experience in Honesty Coffee shop is priceless. You pay for what you eat and you get the change for what you pay.

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Alapad Rock Formation

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Soy milk and photo with kua Joaqin, our tour guide, driver and of course personal photographer.

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Along side the airport there are a lot of available eateries to chose from that are not expensive. I hope you enjoy this article as well as the photos. The best time to go to Batanes is around October to February where the hills are so much green but also this is the season where Philippines experience typhoon.

Dios Mamajes Batanes….

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