There are so many running apps available in both IOS and Android stores. So many choices to choose from but which is the best free running apps without mobile data should you download.

A running app save in your mobile phone can offer many features like tracking your mileage, running progress, reach your training goals and it allows you to participate in virtual races or challenges. Just by downloading the app it will work together with the built in sensor and GPS of your phone in the background to track your activity. All you have to do is launch the app before you go for a run.

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girl standing in between pine trees ready to launch the best running apps without mobile data


The best free running apps without mobile data should give you the features that you needed when using it.

Advantages of Turning Off Mobile Data

  • It can save you from consuming data when your data limit is low especially when travelling.
  • If you don’t have a data plan then its really so good to download one of these apps.
  • Saves your battery life especially if you forgot to charge.
  • It keeps you away from distractions and from taking a look on your phone.
  • It allows you to focus on your run and gives you more time for yourself.


Here are the best free running apps without mobile data, I have personally downloaded these running apps and took them for a test during my runs. Although some of these apps I am already familiar and have been using it for quite a while now. I off my mobile data to see whether it will still record an activity and how accurate it is working in the background.


Strava app logo Best Free Running Apps Without Mobile Data

This app is a favourite of many sports enthusiasts from beginners, amateurs and professionals. It’s easy to navigate and use. The free version of the app allows you to see your distance, time, calories, average pace, elevation gain and maximum elevation.

It offers many virtual challenges not only from the app itself but with other sports brands that offers discounts in return. There’s a wide range of available clubs that you can join and it has a leaderboard feature to see your progress which can bring out the competitive side of yours.

Another good feature is that it also records your cycling, swimming and other activities when sync with your smartwatch. You can easily integrate your social media account too.

It offers a subscription plan that unlocks advance features. I’ve been using the free version of this app for a couple of years now because I like the monthly challenges it offers and the trophy cases or badges from completing each challenge. I also can just link my Garmin watch here and it will upload all my activities. If you would like to follow my journey and connect here is my strava id.


runkeeper app logo Best Free Running Apps Without Mobile Data


The app is under the sportswear brand Asics. It is my first time to download and use this app and I must say I’m impress with the features. This apps allows you to record your activity showing distance, time, pace per km, and calories.

The cool thing about this app is it launches music from your spotify or music library. It also offers challenges in which you can set your own finish time and you can create a group too. It has a voice coach in the background that tells how many kilometers or miles you have completed and your average pace.

Runkeeper has a subscription option in which you will access advance features like training plans starting from 5K to full marathons. It has partner account like facebook and if you own a smartwatch you can pair it too from the likes of Apple health/watch, Garmin, Fitbit and Myfitnesspal.

Check out this Flip Belt to keep your valuables safe while running. Its bounce free and comes in different sizes. The good thing about this its so versatile not only recommended to wear when doing an activity but also when travelling or whenever you want your hands to be free.


adidas running logo Best Free Running Apps Without Mobile Data

This running app surprise me, it has been in the scene for a long time and I have this app few years back and its name was Runtastic I didn’t know that Five years ago Adidas bought the company and this app is now called Adidas Running.

Recording your run includes distance, time, calories, elevations and speed.

I have reinstalled the app to test for this article. It has a voice coach in the background. It offers features like adding My goal where you can add an activity then you set a time frame and goal type not only for running but it also includes walking, cycling, hiking and exercising.

It also offers a premium subscription that unlock additional features. I think this is one of the best free running apps without mobile data in the store.


nike app logo Best Free Running Apps Without Mobile Data

The first running app I installed in my phone when I started running. This app has truly evolved from the first time I use it. I like how its so simple yet functional. Nike have step up their running app offering challenges from weekly, 50k and 100k.

Nike run app also offers guided runs and My Coach which I think is very useful for beginners. I like the My Coach plan I remember using the half marathon plan they have and ace my first half marathon which I completed under 2hrs and 30 minutes.

It also launches music before you’re run you can select from Spotify or your music library. It records your distance, time, calories, cadence and elevation. It has a leaderboard among with your friends and you can select where you run if its road, track or trail run.

If you have a smartwatch you can easily link it with this app. The achievements board will show all your personal records, trophies, monthly miles streaks, and completed challenges.

Alright those were some of the best free running apps without mobile data to consider and we are not yet finish there are still some more. If you are looking for some new running sportswear check out here.


pacer running app logo Best Free Running Apps Without Mobile Data

First time to download Pacer app and I must say it is something that you should consider too. I like how it can also track your daily steps.

I tested it for my morning run and it recorded my average pace, time, calories, steps, elevation gain, distance and average speed per hour.

It offers workout activities which have free options and subscriptions as well. It has this PDF Health Report where you can access the information when you subscribe with the plan. It also offers different kind of challenges and an interactive chat with other members.


decathlon coach Best Free Running Apps Without Mobile Data

One of my favorite sportswear brand also has an app to download too. You can use the app without even creating an account but having an account is good because it gives you better analysis options of your activities.

I went for a run and the app was able to record my distance, time, calories and elevation. The app has a vocal feedback, auto pause function and countdown timer before starting your run.

There is a great selection of coaching programs available in the app that includes other activities like bodybuilding, fitness cardio, football, pilates, triathlon and even walking.

This app is also not only focus on recording running activities it has a wide selection of sports that you can select and the app is user friendly as well and no premium subscription needed which makes this one of the best free running apps without mobile data.


map my run app logo best free running apps without mobile data

First time using Map My Run, I downloaded this app and test on my run it was able to record my distance, time, average pace, calories and elevation gain. It has a myplan feature where you can select a training plan to help you reach your goal.

This app also have a voice feedback, it has a lot of features in the settings menu. You can easily connect your other apps or devices and if you also like to have workout routines you can simply create and add it in the app.

Mapmyrun also offers virtual challenges and has a premium subscription for other best features.


zombie run app logo best free running apps without mobile data

Now who wants to run while being chased by virtual zombies. This is an interactive running app and one of the best free running apps without mobile data. There is a voice feedback that will guide you with your run when you’re about to be chased by zombies.

It has different missions and before your run you can set your gps for tracking of your route, chases on for zombies (the purpose of this app), music from your library and you can set the time duration you’ll be able to finish the run.

It has membership that unlocks additional features and there’s a lot of options available in the settings which you can customize.

Your run logs includes distance, time, average pace and supplies. It also has a summary of timeline of your activity which is cool.

Using this app you need to use your headset in order to hear the voice feedback or you can put the volume higher in order to know that zombies are just 20 meters away from you. You can checkout this wireless headset that I’m using which has 10 hours of battery and its IPX7 waterproof.

This is a fun app if you want to be chased by zombies which means you have to run faster so they wont get your supplies.

I hope that these list of best free running apps without mobile data will help you decide which one to download and start your running journey. Whatever running apps it maybe I hope that you will be diligent and consistent with your goal of running.

All of these best free running apps without mobile data asks you to log in and create profiles which means they will have access with your personal information if you have privacy concerns please read their privacy policy. If you enjoy reading this article feel free to share, Happy Running!


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  1. Hey, I think that’s pretty cool that running apps allow you to participate in virtual challenges and they save data! Good information! 🙂

  2. Great list, Jeanie! I use Strava and love it. It’s easy to use and works for me for tracking my runs, walks, and other activities both indoors and outdoors.

  3. No excuse to not run with all of these free app choices! Thanks for the great list of running apps and tips! I have been looking into some of these for my niece and just sent her your info on the Pacer app as I think that would be a good fit for her!

  4. I love this! I always forget to charge and then I get so mad when my phone dies mid-run! I want credit for my run! ha ha! I think I’ll add the Nike Running Club app as it sounds like it has just enough options to get the job done and not confuse me 🙂

  5. Love this post. Great suggestions Jeanie. I currently use the NIKE app and really like it. Thank you for sharing these free running apps suggestions.

    Pastor Natalie

  6. Zombie run sounds awesome! For someone like me who hates running because I always thought it was boring, lol this reminds me of the game temple run, haha I’m definitely going to try this.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have a friend who uses the Nike Running app. They love it and said it really helped them with their running goals. I am just getting into running and considering downloading it myself.

    1. That is great! The running app have coaches too which can help you with your goal 🙂 Thanks Deb.

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