I got you covered with budget-friendly best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts! Oh dear, time flies so fast and we are nearing the fall season soon it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are you ready for those holidays?

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The new normal is right here and we gotta stick with it, wearing face mask is still uncomfortable but looks like it is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

While definitely shopping malls will still be filled with shoppers, I made a great list of best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts that you can also buy online although some are better to be purchased in a physical store.

Whether you are thinking of giving a gift to your athlete or fitness enthusiast in your life this list is very useful and handy. I asked fellow runners on what they would like to receive this holiday season.

best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts
Best Gift Ideas for Runners and Fitness Enthusiasts

But even if you do not know any runner but wanted to give something for yourself this gift guide will work for you because we all deserve something special. It’s time to bookmark this article so you’ll have an idea of what to give or have before the holidays.

Honestly, I am overwhelmed and surprised by their answers. While material things will always be part of the long list. There are great wishes too that are meant for everyone I hope you are ready for my best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts.

Best Gift Ideas For Runners And Enthusiasts

1. Body Glide

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Let’s start with this simple anti-chafe balm. Body glide works wonders by acting as an invisible barrier between skin and whatever rubs into it. It is very useful for someone who sweats a lot to avoid blisters or chafing whether you are running or does a lot of walking, Another good thing about this product is its Vegan.

2. Running Socks

No running socks is created equal and wearing the right pair can bring your run to the next level. Balega running socks have a seamless design to help minimize friction and its medium-volume cushioning provides durability and comfort especially on long runs.

3. Energy Gels

What about a one-month supply of energy gels for the runner in your life something that will fuel his endurance activities. Actual races may be canceled but virtual races are not and so in now.

4. Running Books

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Definitely part of the best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts is a book that combines running and nourishment. The whole family will definitely benefit with this recipe book written by the 2017 New York Marathon Champion Shalane Flanagan.

5. Foam Rollers / Massage Stick

Another great gift for a runner is a foam roller which can be runner’s bestfriend at home or when traveling. Even if you are not a runner or a fitness enthusiast everyone can benefit from this simple tool after a workout. It can help relieve muscle tightness or soreness.


6. Strobe Lights / Reflective Gear

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A little reflective around you for those early runs or night walks. Whether you are just walking your dog outside or going somewhere dark this reflective will work for you for your safety.

7. Sunglasses

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Protect the eyes and treat a runner with these cool polarized sunglasses, no-slip and no bounce perfect accessories both when running and for everyday casual use.

8. Hydration Pack

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Another best gift idea for runners and enthusiasts is this hydration vest or handheld water bottle both ideal for running, hiking, and traveling. It has compartments to keep important items to bring while out exploring.

9. Flipbelt

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This simple and no-bounce FlipBelt is very stylish not only meant for running but can be used when traveling or whenever you want your hands to be free from holding anything. The good thing about this is it can hold your phone and passport too.

10. Running Apparel

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Whether its a running short, dry-fit shirt, windbreaker, or sports bra it is definitely one of the best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts no matter how many they have because it’s always the thought that counts and it gives them extra motivation too.

11. Recovery Sandals

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This I guess is definitely a good gift idea for a hardcore runner. After tackling a marathon or an ultra the next thing he wanted is a good cushioned pair of slides that is breathable enough and comfy to the feet.

12. Resistance Bands

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When not running it doesn’t mean a runner doesn’t do anything. Resistance bands are good accessories for runner and to those who would like to build strength. Strengthening core, glutes and back can help improve a runner’s athletic movements. It’s definitely part of the best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts.

13. Whoops

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For a more minimal look but does the job of tracking training zone activities with built-in heart-rate monitoring and other cool features. This whoops is a great gift idea especially for every stylish female runner that wants to track her heart-rate and calories with its slick design, it will definitely compliment her outfit.

14. Medal Hangers

Runners like to showcase their hard-earned medals and stare at them, every medal conveys a story. A nice and well-designed medal hanger is a great gift too even if she already owns one that only means more space to be filled with running medals.

15. Marathon Frames

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Whether a frame to put a running pic and medal or a frame to serve as motivation it is always a good idea to give something that can be hang in the wall where a runner can see and get daily motivation and inspired both in running and in life. It’s every runner’s pride and joy to see their medal and poster get hang especially from a prestigious running event.

16. Gift Cards

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If you do not know what to give as a gift or skeptical of giving the wrong size, gift cards might do the trick. In this way, your special runner can choose his or her own gift. Just make sure the gift card is valid and will be working fine.

17. Running Gloves

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Staying warm is a must especially when the temperature drops, with fall and winter approaching a good pair of gloves made for running makes it easier to stay warm also its a bonus to easily use and control handphone.

Thinking of splurging a little bit or being more generous here’s another set of best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts

18. GPS Watch

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An accurate GPS watch with long-lasting battery life is a must for every runner and there are so many good quality smartwatch out there to help track a runner’s runs, Vo2max, elevations, heartrate and other features that are useful too.

19. Hypervolt

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A cordless massage device that helps reduce muscle soreness to improve mobility. But before getting this piece it is best to see the actual product and seek on how it is properly used.

20. Running Shoes

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A kind of shoes that fits well whether its vaporfly 4% or not its the thought that counts. Although running shoes is best to buy in an actual stores but if you know the size of the person who will wear it then maybe its a good surprise generous gift.

Aside from these physical gifts when I asked fellow runners about the best gift ideas for runners they would like to receive for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Definitely they want the old normal back, vaccine for this pandemic, race entry fees, actual races to happen, money to buy running shoes, social justice and equal rights, and a pair of wings to qualify for Boston which I think I wanted too.

I hope I did my job in giving information about the best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts in your life. But with or without gift your presence in their life is for sure is highly appreciated.

Which of these running gifts did you like the most? Are you ready to gift your special runner this holiday season? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Don’t forget to share this article with your family and friends so they can have an idea of what you want.

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  1. I am absolutely putting running gloves on my Christmas list! I usually just pull my sleeves down over my tips and try and keep a hold of them, but it doesn’t really work. I have no idea why I never thought of gloves before!

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