How to celebrate international women’s day? Ever wonder what to do this month of March? March is known to be Women’s International month with March 8 recognized as Women’s International day and is celebrated around the world.

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I remember running an all-women’s marathon in Nagoya Japan. The event is usually held in March as an all women’s race with a finisher pendant from Tiffany and Co. 

History of Women’s International Day

The first international women’s day was celebrated on Feb. 28, 1909, in New York City organized by the Socialist Party of America back then, it was called National Woman’s Day. The following year European women delegates suggested an annual women’s day celebration.

Although the date of celebration used to differ before in each country it was in 1977 that the United Nations declared March 8 as United Nations Day for women’s rights and world peace.

While this year’s celebration may be limited or different due to the pandemic here are some simple ways on how to celebrate international women’s day. 

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How To Celebrate International Women’s Day?

1. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum

When was the last time you took some time off and visited a local museum or art gallery and appreciated the arts displayed?

It’s about time you book yourself and ask some friends to join and check out the local gallery and be inspired to try arts or just simply appreciate them all.

Maybe this is all you need to be inspired and try making your own art too. If you have a friend who is into painting try asking her about the basics and let her teach you.

2. Call Every Woman in Your Life

We always call our mom, grandmas, aunts, besties, and friends but have you tried calling them and greeting them Happy International Women’s Day! 

If not, try it and appreciate their work and what they did to help you or how they gave an impact on your life. Invite them for a simple celebration if possible and if not a video call will definitely do as well.

3. Run for Fun

Another way to celebrate international women’s day is to run for fun with your girl friends or a hike or a walk. Unleash the inner strong woman inside you who can pound the pavement and have fun doing an outdoor activity.

I remember running the Nagoya Marathon last March 10, 2019, with some friends. It’s an international all women’s race held in Nagoya with a Tiffany and Co. pendant when you cross the finish line.

4. Date Yourself

When was the last time you treat yourself? Whether it’s a nice massage or spa or a sumptuous meal try it and celebrate womanhood.

I know there are still some women who are not comfortable going out and eating alone. It’s actually fun to just relax and enjoy the solo time.

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image from unsplash

If you can do a staycation that is nice too, have a little reflection and quiet time. Re evaluate yourself, your dreams and aspirations.

5. Join a Cooking Class

Meet new people or invite your friends to learn how to make your favorite cuisine or bake a specialty cake. With so many cooking classes out there it’s a sure way to have fun and bond with your friends.

The best part of a cooking class, you’ll be able to bring home the food or cake you made.

6. Learn a New Hobby or Skill

If painting is not your thing, you can still try other hobbies or develop a new skill. How about blogging or starting up a new small business. Think of something you are really passionate about and work on it.

You got this, tell your friends if you need support or any help on anything you are working on or wanted to work on.

7. Support Small Business

Support small and local businesses, if you can help promote them as well it’s a good practice, and supporting their business with a little help can go a long way.

Especially women-owned businesses that have the potentials of booming and have great advocacy like helping others and those in need.

8. Learn a New Language

Ever wanted to speak a new language from your favorite country or when you visit a new country? With so many language apps available you can try learning one or two and mastering it. 

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image from unsplash

I like Duolingo because it’s easy to use and fun too. It has exercises that can help you improve and it offers different languages. It has  a free and paid version.

9. Volunteer

If you are looking for ways on how to be more productive or you just wanted to give a helping hand, how about asking or checking your local community on how you can help and contribute.

Being a blood donor is also a good way to volunteer if you are fit, healthy, and not scared of needles and blood sign up to your local red cross-community.

10. Be Bold and Open

Another great way to celebrate women’s international day is to face your fear. If you could think of anything that scares you and you wanted to overcome that fear maybe this is the right time to overcome that fear.

How about bungee jumping to overcome that fear of heights and feel that adrenaline rush or just simply learning more about yourself and rediscovering your passions and the real you.

With these 10 ways of celebrating international women’s day I hope I’m able to give you fresh ideas to try and celebrate international women’s day.

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  1. Great ideas! I’d love to take myself on a date lol but now that I have kids I always feel weird without them. I have however been learning a new language and thats been a lot of fun!

  2. I overlooked the 1st of March, which is big in Romania and has a beautiful millennia-old tradition of celebrating the beginning of spring. The 8th will be on a Tuesday this year, but I’ll make an effort to take mom out at least. No bungee jumping for the vertigo sufferer here, LOL!

  3. Absolutely love your celebration tips, now do I choose a massage and spa or eating in my favourite restaurant with a book… so many choices…

  4. Thanks for reminding about the 08 Mar! I’d love to treat myself to something special. Best wishes to all the other women!!

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