The purpose of this article is to help you find and create easy and cheap vegan meal prep ideas for the week to make your life easier and know why meal planning is important.

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This list is perfect to make, rotate the list, and enjoy easy and cheap vegan meals.

If you are new to my blog, I post easy whole food recipes made vegan and plant-based. I mainly use vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms. Check my vegan recipes for ideas for your next meal.

This article is in collaboration with other food bloggers to give you a great list and great choices of vegan meals.

Ideal for family and busy individuals, make sure to comment on which recipe you like and plan to make. 

As a  busy individual, meal preparation is so important for me and it gives me satisfaction if I am able to cook my own meal and it is also cheaper than ordering food outside.

Here are some articles to guide you if you are new to plant-based and vegan lifestyles.

We will cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert ideas. Also, you can get my free pantry checklist here:


Budget Having a meal prep list can save you money going to the grocery. No impulse buys of unnecessary ingredients especially once you realize you already have it in your pantry.

Time – Instead of going to the grocery 2-3 times a week or cooking every night having a meal prep saves you time by cooking in batches or meals that can last you a couple of days.

Healthy – With the right planning you will be able to create a more healthy and delicious recipe for you and your family.


If you feel you are running out of ideas on what to cook and ingredients to use. Use your imagination in preparing the meals you would like to eat and veganized them.

I have listed below cheap vegan meal prep ideas that can cover you for a week or more including delicious vegan desserts.


cheap vegan meal prep ideas


VEGAN CINNAMON ROLL UPS – Quick and easy vegan cinnamon roll ups using wholemeal bread with just 5 ingredients. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

VEGAN GRANOLA – Start your day the easy and delicious way with a bowl of crunchy and nutty vegan granola. This homemade granola recipe is so versatile and simple. – BY VEGANONBOARD

VEGAN PANDESAL BREAD ROLLS – A Filipino classic made vegan, this Pandesal is a breakfast favorite it is soft and fluffy and paired with coffee. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

GRAIN FREE PORRIDGE WITH APPLE AND PEAR – This raw no-cook grain-free porridge replaces grains like oats, that porridge is traditionally made with, processed apples and pears & topped with additional fruit. – BY LBHEALTHANDLIFESTYLE

MEXICAN GREEN BEANS AND TOFU SCRAMBLE – When it comes to high protein breakfasts green beans and tofu is where it’s at. Not only is this dish packed with flavor but also with the greens your mama always wanted you to eat as a child. – BY CONFLICTEDVEGAN

EASY VEGAN RICE PUDDING RECIPE – Creamy, sweet, and comforting, this healthy vegan rice pudding will be just the pick-me-up you’ll need come the cooler months. – BY TWOCITYVEGANS

BREAKFAST BARLEY PORRIDGE RECIPE – This easy breakfast bowl is flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg while golden raisins give it just a touch of sweetness and pecans or walnuts for a little crunch. – BY COOKEATLIVELOVE


GENERAL TSO’S TOFU – It’s full of amazing flavors and has a perfect balance of sweet, earthy, and spicy. It’s the perfect quick, easy, and healthier vegan fake-out meal. BY NOSWEATVEGAN

GREEN LENTIL BURGER PATTIES – It’s spicy, crispy, and delicious, two servings of green lentil burger patties can give you up to 12g of protein. Enjoy a guilt-free meatless burger. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

AGLIO E OLIO WITH TOGARASHI – Aglio e olio is a classic Italian dish that’s easy to prepare with pantry essentials. We take it up a notch with togarashi and Thai basil. – BY COOKINGONCAFFEINE

VEGAN JACKFRUIT PULLED PORK – This is the perfect marriage between sweet, tangy, and delicious and it will wow even the pickiest meat eater. – BY WOWITSVEGGIE

VEGAN THAI PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE – The perfect combination of sweet pineapples, turmeric, mixed vegetables, and rice. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

10 MINUTE VEGAN TVP TACOS – For those crazy weekday lunches, these plant-based vegan TVP tacos will fill you up! And it only takes 10 minutes to put it all together. – BY LIVEARELAXEDLIFE

BROWN RICE SALAD RECIPE – It’s easy to turn cold-cooked brown rice into a delicious meal or side salad loaded with beans, herbs and spices, and your favorite vegetables. – BY VEGGIESSAVETHEDAY

ONE PAN PASTA WITH CHICKPEAS AND TOMATOES – This one-pan pasta meal combines nutritious foods you may already have on hand with some fresh green vegetables – in this case, I chose asparagus. – BY MELISSATRAUB

VEGAN GARLIC NOODLES – Easy, sweet, salty, and super garlicky, these Vegan Garlic Noodles might just become your new favorite go-to meal. – BY ZARDYPLANTS


LENTIL BOLOGNESE WITH SPAGHETTI – Hearty, wholesome, and full of flavor, a firm favorite for a healthy and satisfying weeknight dinner with my family. – BY THEFORKFUL

STIR FRY BOK CHOY – Easy stir fry bok choy with mushroom oyster sauce is a simple yet delicious quick recipe you can prepare. It’s rich in nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

VEGAN BURRITO BOWL – So quick and easy it takes less than 20 minutes! Flavorful and customizable. Make this your go-to weeknight meal in a pinch. – BY VEGGIEINSPIRED

VEGAN LASAGNA WITH SOY GRANULES – Vegan lasagna with textured protein tomato sauce and white bechamel sauce. – BY FIBERFOODFACTORY

EASY CURRIED LENTILS – These easy curried lentils are packed with spices for a delicious flavor! This recipe is a budget-friendly dinner that is also vegan and gluten-free. – BY IHEARTVEGETABLES

VEGAN GNOCCHI SOUP – Soft pillowy gnocchi, fresh veggies, and amazing Italian flavors easily come together all in one pot. Your cozy soup is just 30 minutes away. – BY SERENETRAIL

INSTA POT VEGETABLE STEW – The potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, and peas are cooked in a thick, savory tomato broth to keep you warm and cozy during these cold fall and winter months. – BY APLANTIFULPATH

WHITE BEAN CURRY – White bean curry is a delicious creamy Indian curry made by cooking cannellini beans in an Indian-style onion-tomato sauce flavored with Indian spices. – BY GREENBOWL2SOUL

YELLOW SPLIT PEAS SOUP WITH LEMON AND KALE – This Yellow Split Pea Soup is filling, nutritious, and most importantly, packed with flavor. Easy to make and perfect for freezing. – BY THEVEGSPACE


VEGAN CHOCOLATE PB ENERGY BALLS – Naturally sweet, loaded with energy, these chocolate peanut butter energy balls are delicious, healthy, and perfect for an after-school snack. – BY HAPPYKITCHEN.ROCKS

ROASTED CHICKPEAS – These quick and easy roasted chickpeas are high in fiber and protein, it is easy to flavor with herbs, spices, and seasoning. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

EASY ALOO TIKKI RECIPE – INDIAN POTATO PATTIES – Indian spiced potato patties are so delicious & easy to make. Perfect snack & make awesome burgers. – BY SPLASHOFTASTE

GLUTEN-FREE CRACKERS – An easy and quick-to-make gluten-free crackers recipe using minimal ingredients. – BY PLANTBASEDFOLK

VEGAN ALMOND SHORTBREAD – Easy vegan almond flour shortbread cookies with only 3 ingredients! Gluten-free shortbread which is healthy, oil-free, crispy, and buttery. – BY RAINBOWNOURISHMENTS

VEGAN FRIED OYSTER MUSHROOM – Tender and flavourful vegan fried oyster mushrooms are the crispy finger food you were looking for. – BY FROMTHECOMFORTOFMYBOWL

CHEEZY KALE CHIPS – One of the easiest recipes to do, it was so easy to make, so easy to transport, and so easy to eat. – BY REALRAWKITCHEN

BLACK EYED PEAS HUMMUS – A twist on classic hummus, with lucky Black-eyed peas in place of the chickpeas. – BY THEVGNWAY

VEGAN TRAIL MIX – This vegan trail mix is super easy to make and ready in 5 minutes! It’s the perfect filling snack for when you’re on the go. – BY BREESVEGANLIFE


PUMPKIN SMOOTHIE BOWL – This pumpkin smoothie bowl is thick and creamy and tastes like a frosty pumpkin pie in a bowl. – BY YOURSMOOTHIEGUIDE

EASY VEGAN LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE – Light, zesty and fluffy vegan lemon cake using only common pantry ingredients. Easy to whip up and a definite crowd-pleaser. – BY RAINBOWNOURISHMENTS

ONE-MINUTE CHOCOLATE MUG CAKE –  A mug cake is literally a cake made using a mug with the help of your microwave oven. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

VEGAN REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS – These vegan Reeses peanut butter cups require just 3 simple ingredients and no special equipment. – BY COOKIEDOUGHDIARIES

RAW CINNAMON ROLLS – This was just so delicious, indulgent, filling, rest in the fridge first before enjoying. – BY REALRAWKITCHEN

GLUTEN-FREE DAIRY-FREE CARROT DATES MUFFINS – Deliciously moist and baked to perfection, these healthy carrot date muffins are great for breakfast or dessert. – BY PLANTEDWITHKATHIE

VEGAN PISTACHIO ICE CREAM – No ice cream machine is needed to make this 5 ingredient vegan ice cream! It’s vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. – BY EATINGWORKS

CHOCOLATE WACKY CAKE – It’s rich, moist, delicious with a tender crumb, and perfect for carving and stacking. – BY COOKINGONCAFFEINE


PERFECT VEGAN MEATBALLS – These vegan meatballs are easy to make and taste so delicious! You’ll keep coming back for more. – BY VEGANATURALMOM

SWEET POTATO BLACK BEAN BURRITO BOWL – Smoky, slightly spicy black beans and sweet roasted for an easy-to-make-ahead meal for the week. – BY COOKEATLIVELOVE

HEARTY ENCHILADA CASSEROLE – This family favorite is always a huge hit with eaters of all kinds, and so much easier than rolling individual enchiladas. BY SALADTHERAPY

CAULIFLOWER FRIED RICE – Enjoy this low-carb vegan cauliflower fried rice loaded with vegetables and pack with good benefits like protein, antioxidants, and vitamin C. – BY THERUNNINGBAKER24

Let us know which one of these cheap vegan meal prep ideas you like, be sure to follow me on Instagram to get updated on recipes or subscribe to our mailing list.


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  1. These are great tips for meal planning and that’s amazing you have so many recipes at your disposal. I definitely think meal planning will save time and make it easier coming up with what to eat!

  2. This is awesome! I love eating vegan meals and have been finding meal prep challenging, especially on a budget. These seem like great recipes to try and with a doable approach! You’re good to be able to come up with new recipes, it can be hard to know what to cook and to use what we have. Very helpful!

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