Each one of us have dreams then sometimes we set aside that dreams for what we have now, thinking one day we can fulfil it… I am writing this story of my Chicago marathon experience while waiting for my connecting flight from LA to Tokyo with Singapore as my final destination. I flew to Chicago last October 11, 2019 from Colorado where in actually I missed my flight to begin with but that’s okay charge to experience and I have great time while in Colorado. My family is already waiting for me in the airport then we headed directly to the hotel. The next day we had a big breakfast in the city and went to the expo for my race pack collection.

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Chicago marathon booth
all set and ready to claim my first major star

Going to race expo’s is one of my favourite not really to buy running stuffs but to look around and see other runners from different parts of the world aside from the pro athlete’s  they are inviting to talk. After a few hours  of being there I went straight to my hostel which has a very short walking distance to Grant park where the race will start. The hostel organise a free carbo loading pasta night for the guests which mostly are runners which I enjoyed then had a good video chat and  went to sleep. The next thing I know is that I need to off my alarm and that I should be getting up and preparing for the race. There is also an early breakfast prepared for the runners. I met a few runners during the breakfast after an hour I decided to walk my way out to the starting line with my poncho and what a perfect cold morning a by-passer helped me tie my poncho as it is pretty too big for my size. The queue to the gate entry and porty pot are long volunteers are spread out and carefully checking our things and bib numbers. The entry to corrals is overwhelming had a chitchat with fellow runners from different states and some Filipinos too.

The Chicago marathon experience is such an emotional race for me, special and a humbling experience too. Its funny when veterans said that it is a flat course but for me I consider it full of little slopes along the route.The crowd are on both sides watching and cheering us. I enjoyed looking around  and reading the posters they made. After 13miles I saw my family and called their attention and finally the marathon has began.

a quick snap from the brother in front of our hotel

I felt more energetic despite the wind that drags me and made me slow down. I am very grateful for their presence it means so much to me. Oh Chicago such a beautiful windy city with all its skyscrapers I am amazed, the volunteers are very attentive to pass hydration. The next thing I know I am close to finishing the race  and wow I am teary eyed making my way to the finish line. Then I saw my family again I don’t know how they get there so fast to meet me after the race. 

well spent day with the family

Someone told me people spend time with you because you are worth it, indeed this race has been very special. After the race we went back to the hotel for a short rest and headed out to celebrate and the best way to do it is try Chicago’s signature deep dish pizza.

deep dish pizza and my new bling | best accessory for the day

Funny when we went inside my brother asked me if I brought my medal because everyone seems to wear it and so I showed mine too.

hands up for the finish line

Running has been my passport entry to get to the US for the first time, and it is such a surreal experience. Thank you Lord.

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