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In todays market running shoes are everywhere and it has also become lifestyle shoes or everyday shoes due to the comfort it gives us. Apparently because of the abundance of different kinds and styles how do you know which one will work for you to use for running? Is there even such a right running shoes for you?

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This article aims to guide you about the things you may need to consider in finding the right running shoes that will work for you.

1. Choosing your running ground

  • Running on pavement or hard ground – Road running shoes with good cushioning is one you need to consider especially if you are thinking of running as a long term sports and aiming to do long distance running in the future.
  • Running on Track, a softer ground – lightweight running shoes is a good consideration especially if you are aiming to train and run faster.
  • Trail running – are you more into nature and sceneries then a good pair of trail running shoes with good grip is something to be considered.

2. Have your feet checked for Pronation

In getting the right running shoes Pronation needs to be considered. It refers to the natural movement of our feet when either we are walking or running. It has Three classifications Over pronation, Supination and Neutral. In order to better understand these Three classifications knowing what our foot arch is will help us using the wet test method.

screenshot 2020 07 10 at 4.14.21 pm

Get your feet fully wet and try to step on a piece of bondpaper observe the pattern you made from it and compare it with the above image. Now that you have identify your foot arch it will help you know your pronation allowing you to get the right running shoes.

screenshot 2020 07 10 at 4.01.52 pm

2.1 Supination

Also referred to as under pronation, the foot strikes the ground with the outside of the heel first and there is not enough inward roll. Based on the wet test method Supination have high arches and according to runners world under pronators can wear neutral-cushioned shoes.

2.2 Neutral

Having a neutral arch the foot strikes the ground with the outside of the heel and rolls inward having even distribution to support the body weight and shock absorption. Neutral-cushioned running shoes definitely work well.

2.3 Over-Pronation

The opposite of Supination refers to inward rolling of the foot. The foot strikes the ground with the inward side of the heel and with excessive inward rolling. Overpronators have a low arch and are referred to as flat-footed. The running shoes that will work for them are stability running shoes.

Try checking the sole of your everyday shoes, it can give you an idea regarding your pronation. You can also ask an expert to have a gait analysis to better understand your foot type.

Some running injuries have been associated as well with pronation so getting the right running shoes for you will help a lot with your running journey.

3. Know your budget

Before heading out to buy, know your budget to have a gauge on how much running shoes cost now. I like to look first in the internet to see the current prices and if it fits my budget. You don’t necessarily have to buy the latest trend the previous model is still fine and can definitely save you money. Try going to outlet stores instead of shopping malls.

4. Visit the running shoe store

Now that you have information about where you want to run, your type of pronation and how much the budget fits try going to the store in the afternoon. As they say, it’s best to buy shoes in the afternoon because it’s the time when our feet have expanded from the morning walking and standing. Bring a pair of socks that you will use with the running shoes to make sure it’s comfortable.

Walk around or run around to really feel the shoes and don’t be shy to ask the salesperson if you have questions in choosing the right pair.

The right pair of running shoes should have a nice fit with your feet. Make sure to have enough allowance that your toes can still move around. Take your time in choosing the right running shoes and if you have to visit different stores to compare prices do it.

I hope I am able to give you insights into getting the right pair of running shoes so that you can totally enjoy the joy of running.


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  1. I’m a trail runner and I hit the trails with my dogs and sometimes we are on pavement and sometimes we are rocky trails and other times we are running on a farm and I agree that proper running shoes are very important! If you don’t have the right running shoes, you are prone to long-term injury and so much more. Great post!

  2. After years of working on my feet, my feet and legs took a beating. Luckily I worked next to a running shoe store and they did all kinds of diagnostics on my feet and fit me with custom shoes. Even though I don’t run, these shoes made all the difference for me.

  3. I learned something new here – and I don’t even have to do the bond paper test because I recognize my footprint shape on your examples! Thanks for the handy info on running shoes and how to choose them.

  4. I had no idea there was so much customization involved with finding the right pair of shoes for running. I’m a spinner and I know that I need comfy and snug shoes to feel good on the bike but running shoes must be even more customized since there is so much more pressure on the feet.

    1. same thoughts when I started running, but really worth it to get the right fit, cushioning and budget too. lol.

  5. This is great guidance to follow! My feet overpronate, so it has always shoe options down significantly. But its worth it to buy the right shoe!

  6. Thank you for all those great tips. Although I am a walker the same applies and so happy you explained in depth #2. I have the tendency to over-facilitate one side of my body, which puts pressure on the other side. My goal is to be neutral.

    1. Happy to help, it’s important to seek help or guidance when buying new shoes. Sometimes I have this tendency to observe people when they walk and check their pronation. Thnak you.

  7. Great tips! Especially like the idea of getting the assessment done for pronation. Thanks for sharing!

  8. These are such great tips! I love a good pair of cushioned or trail shoes. Before I invested in a pair I went to a podiatrist to get a comprehensive gate analysis. Game changer.

    Nathalia | NathaliaFit – Fitness & Wellness Blog

  9. This is a great guide to finding the right pair of running shoes. I over pronate and wore the wrong running shoes for years – and my dad coached track! The right supportive shoes make all the difference.

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