The power of embracing an indoor workout has become vital due to the current pandemic situation of Covid-19 that affected the whole world. Even though it is so much better to do outdoor activities it is important that we put into consideration embracing an indoor workout.

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Outdoor activities like running has always been a good outlet for clearing the mind. But the power of embracing an indoor workout is something to be appreciated.

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Embracing an indoor workout

If you are new to doing indoor activities, there are a lot to chose from. It offers a lot of good benefits such as:

  • Improving of aerobic and anaerobic fitness
  • Good for the heart and lungs
  • Improves flexibility and coordination of the body
  • Improves breathing
  • Relaxes the mind and reduces stress or anxiety
  • Tones the muscles

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You can do yoga, high-intensity interval training, low impact cardio, dancing and skip ropes. Did you know that in China because of the lockdown there are runners who decided to complete a marathon in their own living room.

Embracing an indoor workout is very good for the body and mind especially during these hard times and if you are working from home too.

1. Yoga

Yoga is about the form of proper breathing, allowing the body to follow specific postures and a good way to practice to clear the mind. It allows the body to improve flexibility and teaches discipline. Practicing Yoga at first may be difficult but with the help of consistency, it is so much relaxing.

There are different yoga practices available but it is important to start first with the basics. I will be writing in another article about simple and basic yoga poses you can practice. For your yoga mats need check here.

2. High Intensity Interval Training

This activity improves the athletic capabilities of individuals as well as metabolism. HIIT training can be done with a minimum of 30 minutes to feel the effect of the activity. Various HIIT activities are available as guidance on youtube.

It is important to consider that when doing HIIT activities you must start with the simple ones to allow your body to be familiar with it especially if you have not done such activities. It is important to do stretching and warm-ups to avoid any injuries.

If you have an existing medical condition it is important to consult and seek advice from your doctor before doing any activity.


3. Low impact cardio activities

Not everyone can easily adapt with high-intensity interval training and there are low impact cardio activities that can be done also. Even though the term is low impact it doesn’t mean it is not fulfilling and does not need to be done.

It is also as good as HIIT and you will still sweat when doing this activity. Low-impact cardio activities is good for people who have current injuries, overweight or chronic problems.

woman finish with indoor workout
short workout is better than none at all

4. Dancing

This activity can definitely be classified as embracing an indoor workout because of its benefits. There is a fast form of dancing and slow versions although the result and progress of its benefits maybe different depending on the impact it is still good and relaxing.

You do not have to be a dancer to dance just go with the flow and move your feet one step at a time. It is a good way to relax the body and mind. It can also improve your flexibility and coordination.

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5. Skip Rope

This activity can be both high impact and low impact depending on your style of using the skip rope. It is good to have variations of both high and low impact activity for your body. Just like the rest of the indoor workouts, this improves your aerobic fitness and tones your muscles.

If you are looking for skip ropes check here to find different variations according to your fitness level.

I hope you find this article helpful and start embracing an indoor workout to keep yourself active and fit. If you just started working out tag me on Instagram @therunningbaker24.

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  1. I’m so glad you are enjoying the indoor workouts. I need to start getting motivated to work out inside so I can lose this excess weight.

  2. I have learned to get a great workout in at home, so this is such a great post! I know it can definitely be hard, but you have laid out great ideas. If I don’t feel like creating my own workouts, I love finding some on YouTube! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Indoor workouts are underrated! I have conquered many fitness feats such as half marathons just by going hard on Indoor Home HIIT Workouts alone! Great post.

  4. Great post! I’ve been loving doing my home workouts at the moment, I have been doing lots of different HIIT workouts every single day and have definitely felt a difference in my energy levels and overall mood.

    Chloe xx

  5. Amazing and very timely! I’ve taken the next step into my health journey and begun home workouts again! I love this post because it reminds me just how many different things I can do! Thank you so much!

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