Enjoy and Explore Prague In One Day: Quick Getaway: A runner’s travel guide on which to visit, what to see, food to try, and how to enjoy the place. This travel information is for everyone who wants a budget-friendly itinerary.

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If you are given one day and a chance to travel anywhere in the world wouldn’t it be nice to spend a one-day tour to enjoy and explore Prague? How time flies when the world has been shaken and traveling literally paused around the world. The pandemic has caused a huge impact on everyone’s lives and business. 

Until now traveling is so limited and holding it for now is necessary and important. The lockdown has taught everyone a lot of valuable lessons during these hard times. Patience and cooperation from us are needed and hopefully, we will recover from this crisis soon.

But I’m here sharing with you my travel itinerary when I visited Prague or Praha and explored the famous tourist spots all in just one day and mostly done by walking. I did a lot of walking from one spot to another and therefore I was able to cover mostly everything.

Where is Prague?

Prague or Praha is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.  It is a city rich in history and known for its list of cultural attractions. Making it a popular tourist destination around the world. As of 2017, the city receives 8.5 million international tourists annually.

How to visit Prague?

You can visit Prague and explore in one day by bus, train or plane, traveling time will vary depending on your means of transportation. I happened to be in Nurnberg and I traveled by bus which is approximately less than four hours.

If you are in Berlin you can visit Prague by train which is also about four hours and still cheaper and economical than an airplane. Other nearby cities are also accessible to Prague from Poland, Austria, and Slovakia and it’s also around 2-4 hours.

The trip was long but had an enjoyable view of the countryside and the bus happened to offer wifi and a charging station.

Here’s what to do:

If you have long hours of travel and a limited itinerary try traveling in the late evening or early morning and check the time difference if there’s any. You can try to arrive in the early morning where there are not so many tourists yet to get good pictures or even catch the sunrise.

If you have a heavy backpack you can book a one-night stay and choose to head first to the hotel and ask for early check-in or ask if they can accommodate to keep your things and then head out to start exploring. Even if it’s just a day tour to explore, having a hotel to let you rest and leave your things is also nice.

You can’t miss this chance of a one-day tour to enjoy and explore Prague so make sure to travel light and bring snacks and your own hydration bottle.

Prague has also been featured in several famous movies such as Hell Boy, Les Miserables, Mission Impossible, and Casino Royale.

Friendly Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothes and depending on the weather choose appropriate clothes.
  • Wear comfy shoes during your trip and maybe another extra for some instagrammable shots.
  • Pack light and bring extra clothing and workout clothes if you want a nice scenic run.
  • Snacks and water are a must to keep you happy and not grumpy, lots of walking in Prague.
  • Keep your personal belongings near to you. A fanny pack is a great help.
  • Download google maps, translator app it can come handy. I like keeping a printout of my itinerary just to make sure I cover everything or mostly of the places I wanted to see.
  • You can use euros in Prague but it’s also better to use their currency which is Czech Koruna(Czech Crown).
  • When exchanging currencies do get a receipt and only transact on authorize shops.
  • If booking through airbnb try to clarify with your host where to get the keys, some will require collections far from your place or if it’s under an agent.
  • Let your friends and family know your whereabouts.

Explore Prague In One Day

explore prague in one day

1. Old Town Square (Staromestske namesti)

A very historic square in Prague that despite the invasions in Prague the Old town Square has remained untouched since the 10th century.

The old town square is rich in architectural landmarks. There are many restaurants and small cafes around the Old town. Try having breakfast along the square while enjoying the architectural view of the buildings.

You can also find yourself just sitting down with the benches provided and watching everyone exploring the old town.

2. Gothic Church of Our Lady before Týn

You will be amazed at the architectural design and construction of this church. Built from mid 14th – early 16th century and served as the main church of the city since the 14th century.  Its two towers are 80m high.

3. Astronomical Clock (Prague Orloj)

While you are in the old town you can’t miss seeing the astronomical clock and watching the spectacle of the mechanical clock marking the turn of an hour. It features The Walk of the Apostles, an hourly show of moving apostles figures and other sculptures. (link to IG to watch)

4. Charles Bridge

Another famous landmark that you can’t miss in Prague, a Unesco World heritage,  Charles bridge is a few kilometers away from the old town and one of the busiest areas in Prague you will be amazed by the architecture and medieval design of the bridge which also have been featured in several movies.

Charles bridge
Charles bridge in Prague

5. Prague Castle

Another famous tourist destination and one that you can’t miss is to watch the changing of guards at the gate of the castle.

Prague castle
Prague castle

6. Head of Franz Kafka

A famous writer, this moving head statue of Franz Kafka was sculpted by David Cerny, it is located in the city center of Prague.

7. Wenceslas Square

It was nighttime when I took the photo of Wenceslas square and the landscape looked really beautiful at night. It is known as one of the busiest pedestrian traffic areas in Prague with lots of shops to see.

Wenceslas Square
Wenceslas Square

8. The John Lennon Wall

Although I didn’t find this wall easily after walking around Charles bridge, I might say it is still a must-see. It is just located in a small secluded area but you’ll be surprised once you get there. A lot of people are actually taking shots of it and you just have to find your spot.

A colorful wall with Lennon’s image, graffiti, letters, poems freedom of expression wall.

explore prague in one day

Other Places To See

  • Visit the Infant Jesus of Prague
  • St Vitus Cathedral
  • Spot Sigmund Freud
  • National Gallery of Prague

Foods To Try

  • One of the best things to do in Prague is wander around and try the local foods and desserts.
  • Try drinking twin glass beer and their local dark beers.
  • Explore the restaurants for authentic foods.
  • Try their potato pancakes
  • Trdelnik may not be originally from Prague but it is a must have when you visit.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did sharing my travel experience, another thing I also noticed in Prague is the Thai spas in almost every corner, especially around the old town. If you happen to visit Prague in the near future be sure to

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  1. Maybe I should visit Prague soon since I still live in Berlin. Charles Bridge looks wonderful 🙂

  2. I visited Prague years ago and was stunned by how beautiful it was! One thing we noticed was that the city requires a lot of cash–there were small fees to get into most any attraction. Unless it’s changed, you might try to get some small bills and keep them with you!

    Great post!!

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. We use euros instead for the small shops’ souvenirs and in the market. Actually, I didn’t go to paid attractions the free sites are good enough for me to enjoy as it’s just an overnight trip going there.

  3. Awesome post and Prague looks like a great place to visit to see beautiful architecture with so much history! You gave great tips and recommendations on what to see and explore making your trip easier to create an itinerary to follow. Thank you for sharing!

  4. I’m only a couple of hours away by plane and still haven’t made it to Prague. It is one of those things I keep postponing because I know it’s pretty easy to reach. The pandemic has brought crazy rules for travelling around Europe, so now I’m waiting for the end of all this mess. But definitely want to witness the history of the place and taste the food everybody talks about. Ah, one day…

  5. I love Prague and look forward to going back. Such a stunning city with so much history and one of the few cities left intact after WWII The city was not destroyed by the bombing as they surrender at the begging of the war. Also one of the most economical cities for tourists in Europe. Lots of great food, music as well. Thank you for a great article

    1. Thank you, Definitely a must-visit city and learn something from them especially their history, art and culture.

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