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First half marathon learnings and experience. November has finally come the month of my official First Half Marathon a funny story happened before I even reach the race area. Usually if I have a race the next morning I am up early to prepare and eat well, but this one is different.

I set my alarm at 2:30am because the organizers will send a message if the race will proceed or not. I was totally in deep sleep and woke up at around 3:26 almost an hour late from my set alarm. I stayed calm and think of what to do first.

I took a quick bath, stretch a bit, hydrate, grab my banana and leave the house while praying for a taxi to come. Different taxi’s pass by but in busy mode, then a taxi stop in front of me asking where is Block 33 and ask me to come inside and he will send me to my destination so without hesitation I took the taxi even though another taxi came in the other side of the road. I thought he will send me first, but uncle driver ask me to help him find Blk 33 and send home the drunk guy behind. So I said yes and we drove around and voila I found Blk 33.

I told the taxi driver that I need to reach the pick up point by 4:00 and its already 3:53, he said “Dont worry you will reach your destination, tell me where it is, I also use to run before”. So we talk for a few minutes about his previous runs and I’m happy I reached the pick up point and the shuttle bus has not yet come. 

Inside the bus I was not able to sleep butterflies started to rumble in my stomach, geesh Im really running alone no friends to chitchat with before the race and walk with towards the starting line. Before race day I already receive well wishes from friends which really made me happy.

Another friend wish me well before he do his 90km Charity Bike Ride, he really made me confident about the fact that there is nothing wrong running alone because this is my race and he helped me while doing the last round of my training. I remember when he told me to focus on my pace and don’t even mind even if an old lady is faster than me. While others told me to make some new friends, and just have fun which I did.

starting point: Singapore flyer
First Half Marathon Learnings And Experience

At 530am we started the race it was my first time running this early and its totally dark. I don’t have a 20-20 vision so I have to do some baby steps and not build up any speed, thinking of negative splits  while singing with my playlist. Every km I pass by I’m having goosebumps and smiling that I am able to pass it.

The half marathon has already sink in my mind I totally enjoyed the landmarks. I’m seeing the places I used to visit when I’m simply doing photography. This first half marathon learnings and experience is a realization of all the blessings and hardships I have encountered while living here in Singapore. I have managed to take several photos and uploaded a few of them.


The hardest part of this journey is running around marina barrage, as I have already run 15km.

The famous landmarks of Singapore, the view around Gardens by the Bay

Just pass by the 20km mark and totally nearing the finish line, and yet it really felt so far. I did a tempo a run in the last km instead of sprint because I know I still have a long day to go. My left leg is becoming tight which is weird because normally its my right leg that hurts.

The last song in my playlist is  Mighty to Save by HillSong  and I was singing it while running. I only managed to choose 19 songs that will help me run through this so I have to use another playlist which I followed from another runner. Hydration is not a problem at all along the race the Banana they gave also helped a lot to keep us moving. 

Got my medal and finisher shirt right after crossing the finish line.

Just when I thought I was alone in this race, I realize I am not. After the race I receive messages from friends asking about how did I do and if Im ok. My roommate also told me that she heard my alarm and trying to wake me up. I send them some snapshots of my journey and a selfie of me that Im ok. They are with me while Im running.

Some photos during the race:

first half marathon learnings and experience

After my cooldown and stretching I have to hurry for another activity, good thing a friend offer their place so I can rest a bit and freshen up. I cant thank them enough as I invade their place and the food preparation they did. 

My first half marathon learnings and experiences have evolved for who I am today. If you are just picking up running for the first time trust the process and enjoy.

After this run I know there will be future races stored for me, it doesn’t matter if I’m doing it alone or with friends. This race taught me, to face my fear and be confident. I am a strong woman, I may not have a body of a super model, but I can own a road with a 13.1 miles. If Harriette Thompson and Joy Johnson did it  time will come that I can own my first 26.2mi.

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