halfway through with the new normal
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I was flipping my calendar to set it for the month of July and realize we are halfway through the year with the new normal. How time flies that we have pass the first Six months of 2020 coping and embracing the new normal.

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This article is part of my Running Thoughts series where I will share my thoughts during my run and after running.

The New Normal

A lot of things have change especially in how we interact with our family, friends, colleagues and surroundings. It’s something that nobody expected to happen that our time outside have been limited. Interactions with others have to be compromised for our own good. This is our new normal.

Now that we are more than half of the year with the new normal. There is a new normal way in everything a new normal way of greeting each other, a new normal of online interaction with our family and friends, most people have learned new skills like baking, master the art of skip ropes the need to check-in whenever you are entering a public place, a run that should be closer to home and definitely a need to wear mask once you’re out of the house.

people with facemask

Each country have their own ways of implementing how to cope up and trying to slowly reopen borders, shopping malls, parks and restaurants. Slowly people are allowed to dine in, interact outside the house to visit family and friends with a limited number.

However it has been tough for families dealing with a loss of a family member and loved ones, sudden job displacement and the restriction to travel anywhere both for business and pleasure.

But despite this circumstances here we are already halfway through the year and adapting with the new normal. No one knows how long this will gonna be or if we will ever be back with the practices that we are used to. But no matter what the new normal is let’s continue to be positive and be patient. It’s time to give ourselves a pat in the back and know that we got this new normal.


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