This article of ten easy healthy habits to add quality to your life are simple steps to add value, improvements, and positive habits for a healthier and better you. These healthy habits can help you give balance to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

It doesn’t have to be a new year to apply healthy habits in your life, if you fall short during the start of the year or you want to improve the quality of your life this article is for you.

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You can start slowly, build a routine and make it a habit because no one is accountable to your progress but you.

How do you start your day? Do you wake up and head straight to the shower or eat breakfast? Do you still have time to fix your bed, prepare a meal, or workout?

While it may be easier said than done, there is no harm in trying to take little steps and see progress in the long run.

I am by no means a guru or an expert or a certified holistic or wellness coach but from my experience, I’ve learned that it’s only ourselves who can help to improve and be better not just on the outside but on the inside as well because you are what you eat and think.

If you haven’t checked out my article about why I wake up at 5 am and some of my running articles please do so if you are looking for motivation and a little push.

Feel free to comment and connect if you would like me to help you work on your goals.

healthy habits to add quality to your life

10 Easy healthy habits to add quality to your life


Wake up earlier than your usual wake-up time and move your body, how about a 10 minutes workout every morning or a 10-minute brisk walking, simple stretching, or yoga.

I’m a breakfast eater. I love my morning routine of eating first before going to work. Whether it’s muesli with almond milk or home-baked bread and a cup of coffee. I just can’t leave the house without eating the first meal of the day unless I really need to leave early then I will eat at work.

Tip: Instead of buying coffee from a store, how about preparing your own coffee or tea at home with your own tumbler and bringing it to work. That way it’s cheaper and more economical.

Another thing that you can do is to aim for 10,000 steps a day, while it may not be feasible or doable for you to start right away and achieve you can start slowly and it’s better than aiming for zero steps a day.

You can also take a walk with the dog, listen to an audiobook and walk in the park, take the stairs or park your car a little farther.


Did you know that every January there is Veganuary, where for 30 days you will challenge yourself to go vegan? While you don’t have to do the challenge right away you can simply start with going meatless Mondays.

Eating more vegetables and fruits is definitely a good healthy habit if you want to stay healthy, live longer, and have a youthful glow and skin.

Here are some articles to help you with your journey if you want to learn more about plant-based or vegan lifestyles.


Whether it’s simple journaling or creative writing, all you need is a pen and a notebook. You can start by writing your thoughts down. It’s a good way to clear your mind and have a little reflection. 

Did you know that journaling can improve your way of handling anxiety and stress? Although it has been also mentioned that journaling can have a negative impact on being ideal and living in the future instead of the present.

By writing, you can also practice your creative side, writing short stories, or start blogging. That is the beauty of writing, you can write anything you want, your thoughts, experiences, share your passion, be positive, and be an inspiration to others.


When you become an adult you will realize how sleep has become a luxury and a necessity. I remember when I was a kid being asked to take a nap and I refuse most times because I wanted to play more and now that I’m a working adult I like it better to just be home on most weekends after my morning long runs and take a nap or rest because it’s the only time I am able to catch more rest and sleep.

According to webmed, here’s the amount of sleep each person should have according to their age.

  • Infants (ages 0 to 3 months) needs is 14 to 17 hours of sleeps a day
  • Infants (ages 4 to 11 months) needs is 12 to 15 hours of sleeps a day
  • Toddlers (ages 1 to 2 years old) needs 11 to 14 hours of sleeps a day
  • Young kids (3-5 years of age) needs 10 to 13 hours a day
  • Kids and schoolers ( ages 6 to 13) needs 9 to 11 hours of sleeps a day
  • Teens ( 14 to 17 years of age) needs 8 to 10 hours  a day
  • Adults  –  mostly needs 7 to 9 hours
  • Ages 65 and above needs 7 to 8 hours of sleeps a day


Another healthy habit to add drink your water. How many liters of water per day do you take? Drinking water is a  necessary healthy habit to add quality to your life because as humans we need to be hydrated at all times.

I am not against drinking alcohol but moderate drinking is important to practice and also it has been associated with aging and weight gain.

Summarizing my research: Too much drinking can cause skin drying, dehydration, health damage, and others. If you are in your 20’s and like to drink it takes 3 hours before the alcohol is gone from your body while if you are in your 40’s it can take up to 33 hours to completely flush it out.


One of my weakest practices unless it’s a running book. I’ll be honest on this and this is one of my dilemmas. I like to read and my goal is to read 2-3 books per year but I already feel happy if I finish 1 book because of my schedule.

Let’s have an accountability partnership. I do enjoy checking book recommendations especially those that can improve life, about running and business as well as recipe books.


If I can blog that started as a hobby and now treat it as a business then you can too. If you feel discouraged about trying something new here’s the trick: Put your heart into it.

Ask yourself what you are passionate about and try to learn it. I am by no means a coder but somehow it is a nice and fun experience to understand and tweak a few codes that can help me with my website, especially writing articles that I have to link with another one showing the specific part only.

Want to learn photography, start with your phone and eventually invest in a camera and practice a lot until you can pitch some commissioned shots.


Your mental, spiritual and overall health is more important than anything else. Treat yourself nicely. It doesn’t have to be expensive but in whatever way you do it make sure it is what you want.

Take a break from anything that doesn’t make you happy or grow. Sometimes we have to do this in order to grow, find ourselves, and if it has a negative impact on our overall being.

Check my Minimalist Self-Care Ideas for Inspiration 


After spending some time alone and feeling charged, it is about time you spend time with others as well, especially with your family and friends.

While it’s ok to be silent it is also important that we ask others how they are and maybe you can be of help with them.

Outside connection is as important as our inner connection because we are humans and we cannot do things alone and on our own at all times. Connecting with others can also help your mental health.

Enjoying a good meal and laughing with friends can help release the stress you are feeling and sharing your emotions can lighten it up as well.


Whatever your belief is, it is important to have that inner peace and bear no grudges to anyone. Once a friend told me you’ll know you are at peace when things around you don’t bother you at all.

If you face a judgment, it’s okay because you know yourself better than anyone else. You do not owe anyone an explanation because you are at peace.

Have you tried practicing breathing or meditation?

Breathing exercises can help you to relax and help reduce the stress you are feeling. I love practicing it because it keeps me calm and every time I feel overwhelmed I try to do a few deep breaths to release that feeling.

There you have 10 easy healthy habits to add quality to your life. I hope you were able to pick some you would like to try or if you are practicing them let me know which ones are your favorites.




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  1. First read this back in April and it’s still as powerful! Great tips that I try to work on applying daily. Thank you for sharing!

  2. All of them are so important, the ones that made the biggest change for me are movement, sty hydrated and writing as in journaling. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Meeting new friends is definitely something I’m working on I have friends but they’re still in the childish 20s of life while I’ve matured a lot faster and stay away from the shenanigans. So I’m definitely trying to find a way to meet some like minded people.

  4. These are all awesome tips for being healthier. I personally loved the mental change I experienced when I started journaling.

  5. These really are 10 simple things that practically anyone can incorporate into their daily life. I think I’ve tried just about all of them. I just need to work on staying consistent with them. 🙂

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