how to run 26.2 miles

How to run 26.2 miles for the first time? It is every runners dream to cross the finish line under the full marathon category.

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In 2015 I get to know in social media the story of Harriette Thompson who cross the finish line at the age of 76 and a cancer survivor. I am amazed by the fact that she did it and she just wanted to help her community raise funds.

From then on I also dream of one day I will cross the finish line. Fast forward I have running friends who initiated the idea of doing a full marathon and I just laugh about it and told them to wait until I have recovered from ironman.

Around April of this year, something has struck me and decided to sign up for the distance since  Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon is a race that gives back to community like GIVE ASIA and knowing that our Bro. Don is seeking assistance under it I decided to join the cause and spread his battle. I did not know yet how to train for it as I have another goal in mind which is to finish the run strong in ironman and also to complete the training program as pacer for GEWR 2017.

During our pacer training I followed diligently the training schedule and squeeze in a little more distance to build mileage for full marathon. Good thing Running Department help me in achieving my training goals learning about running drills and good form of stretching. It was not an easy journey but for the love of running, having new friends and learning something new in every session makes me look forward to it.

After our pacer duty I focus with my full marathon training which is less than a month. I have to skip other activities and isolate my self to work and training. For me doing all of these is a talent I have to master and a responsibility I like to do which highly involves time management and dedication. Along the journey I was happy to meet people who have experienced running the distance and shared with me their trainings and preparations that I will always remember and I am grateful.Two weeks before race day I got sore throat and the weather became uncooperative it was crazy knowing I have to catch up with my training  but I don’t have a choice but to take medicines and pray harder to let me get things done.

December 3, 2017 our race day has finally come, woke up at 1:45 am got myself a good breakfast and went to the starting line.

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26.2 flatlay
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Glendys of GE pacer 215 as my seatmate

Walking to the starting point of the run, and Orchard giving us this Christmas spirit vibe before the flag off.

Asked Bro. Gab my Laksa teammate to lead a short prayer before we run our own race and time. Then he asked me when’s our next race gonna be….

The first part of the race is in Victoria Street heading to Arab St. and Haji lane we were greeted by a cheering squad and live performances of music which help me get into the momentum of my run. I printed out my own pace band same with what we have during our pacer training to help me control my run, avoid getting excited and to remind myself to trust my training, but of course it didn’t really happened as planned GPS was a total mess which become ahead by atleast 1.5km so I just have to see my pace band against the distance markers. Nonetheless  I was amazed to see the scenic route of Singapore and enjoy every view specifically the sunrise at around 15km the half and full marathoners have eventually split up in the route and I told myself this is a test of endurance. Before I know it I am back in ECP where I use to train I am amaze that there are a lot of spectators and crowds cheering for us offering gummy bears, gels ice candy and sponge a fellow runner even ask if there is Durian. 😀 Then I manage to see my choir mates  I call their attention before continuing with my run after the U-turn point in the 23rd km mark they waited for me and cheered as I pass by them there are also live bands along the way that kept us entertained I thanked God for allowing me to pass the first half of the journey but somehow along the road I am feeling tired and ask my self again why am I doing this and prayed to God. I look forward running to reach the 36th km mark to see some familiar faces from Running Department and Anjali handed me my requested Gummy bears and while some of the half marathon pacers and my training mates gave me  a high five and they cheered for us while we continue to run that helped a lot even though I just wanted to cry and stay with them ^_^.  As we approach the 37th km mark I see an uphell road and told my legs we’re dead 😛 Few km’s to the finish line the 515 pacers is already behind me and I see our mama Tracy joined them and telling runners to keep going somehow I tried to cope and run along their side then walk and push my self in the last 500m. 

Alas! I cross the finish line extremely happy offering prayer to God. Manage to thank the pacers for their push and uplifting spirit. What a surreal experience to cross the line and become a marathoner. My training and sacrifices has paid off and thankful to my family and friends for their prayers and support. 

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This experience has taught me lifetime memories and values in life… some of them I listed below

1. Always move forward and never backwards.

2. No matter how hard life can be you will get through it just like running.

3. You get to learn from experiences the blister, chafing and little wounds will eventually mark and have a story with your journey.

4. It boosts self confidence, I was never born a runner I just tried and voila its one of the best thing I ever did.

5. Not everyone does it so give yourself a pat in the back.

6. Talent is cheap but hardwork is essential.

And of course the road to recovery can be daunting and overwhelming….

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Best place to carbo load, thankful for their support from helping me carry my things instead of doing bag deposit, a place to swim and celebrant that treat us Life is good and so my friends 🙂

Overall it is a good experience to run my first full marathon with #scsm2017.

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