Minimalist: How did Project 333 help me

“I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

-Barrack Obama
pile of clothes for project 333
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What Is Project 333?

This Project 333 is part of practicing minimalism. It is a kind of fashion challenge that you will do in 3 months with 33 pieces of clothings including shoes and accessories. But you can also customize the project into choosing just clothes and shoes if you are not yet ready to declutter your accessories.

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Why Project 333?

This is not a new concept at all practicing it will give you benefits and helps you to really focus on what is important.

  1. Quality vs Quantity. It will help improve your wardrobe as to own quality pieces that are timeless and how to avoid fast fashion that only occupies your cabinet.
  2. Less Time Choosing Clothes. Have you notice your actions how long it takes for you to decide which clothes to wear and ending up with same clothes again. Also that you are almost late to your appointment because you can’t decide on what clothes to wear.
  3. More time on important matters. Your energy is not wasted on choosing clothes and you get to give more time and attention to what really matters especially decision making.
  4. Spend less on clothes. You know how shops tricks us on having too many sales and you end up buying it because its on sale even if you don’t really need it. But with Project 333 there is contentment in what you have.
  5. Detachment in material things. You’ll realize how your attention will shift in owning less clothings and that there is happiness with lesses pieces.

Project 333 For Me

Everyday in our lives we have a lot of decision making to do it starts from what to wear, what to eat, where to eat and more important decision makings especially at work and for me I want the other aspects of my life not to dwell much on it like what I will wear and what I will eat. Just like how successful people practices building habits we can all learn from the likes of Barrack Obama wearing a Blue or Gray suit, Mark Zuckerberg a Gray tshirt and late Steve Jobs a black turtle neck and jeans.

After watching vlogs and listening to podcasts about minimalism and why successful people prefers to wear the same colour it is about time for me to do this challenge and to help me focus on what is more important. In my case I did not include my running clothes and running shoes because I am not yet ready to declutter those and as I run and workout almost everyday I knew that I needed it.

The reasons I tried Project 333

  • The need to declutter
  • Im no longer interested with fast fashion
  • Im leaning towards minimalism and less is more
  • It saves time and money

I logged everything that I wear for easier reference and honestly it made me feel accomplish that having 33 pieces of clothings to wear is not bad after all. Although my clothings are not from the same colour the important things is I reach my objective of decluttering, a mantra that I have enough clothes, and I don’t need to worry about what I should be wearing.

If you want to try this Project 333 just sign up to my mailing list and I’ll send you a printable tracker for this project. Let me know your experience and also its okay if you exceed to 33 clothings if you really love it and its something special go keep it 🙂


18 thoughts on “Minimalist: How did Project 333 help me

  1. Great idea! I love the concept of going more minimalist, but with clothes, it’s so hard for me since I love them. I don’t shop as much anymore and I’m really working hard on that, but I can’t let go of the ones I have! Hahaha. Still, this strengthened my resolve to not add to my collection, no matter how cute the clothes might seem. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. I love the idea of Project 333. I am one of those people who have lots of clothe in my closet but end up wearing the same things over and over. Not sure why it’s hard to let go of what I already have, but I’m trying to embrace minimalist ideas!

  3. Interesting. I’ve never heard of project 333, but it sounds like an awesome way to get rid of clothing! I think I’m going to try and do this for fall! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Very interesting concept. I never thought about how many pieces of clothing I own, but I do go through my clothes after each season. For fall, I will see what I can get rid of. I have to start somewhere, right?

  5. I love the sound of just picking out 33 bits of clothing to wear, I feel like it would definitely show you that you don’t really need that many clothes! I’m trying to move away from fast fashion too, and I feel much better when I have decluttered and sorted out my draws and wardrobe!

    Chloe xx

  6. This is interesting, I might need to try it! I try to buy second hand clothes and regularly declutter my wardrobe, but there’s always too much stuff.

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