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I dont stop when Im tired, I only stop when Im done… – Anonymous….

You’ll never know you are capable of something unless you put your heart into it. I was never a runner back home, although I usually run going home because its already late or no more means of transportation that will send me home. Here is my non-runner to half marathon journey.

Non-runner to half marathon journey

My running journey started when I moved to Singapore, it was in 2011 that I had my first official 5km fun run sponsored by SAFRA. I didnt have proper training for my first run. During the actual event I was running the first km then I walked and run again.

I saw this singer/actress Karylle and Yael both famous personalities from the Philippines and I must admit they are fast runners and runs very effortless. After this run I never joined any running event again simply because my friends did not join too and I’m too shy to run alone.

Here’s my bib for my first 5km run

If you would like to start running go do it. Dont hesitate thinking you can’t run. My non-runner to half marathon journey didn’t happen right away. It took years of creating mileage, procrastinating, and doing baby steps.

When 2013 came, I saw Nike Unleashed which is a 5km run open to all women. I immediately signed up simply because its a Nike event and there’s a lot of freebies. Aside from the running shirt I am able to get a finisher shirt, tumbler, discount coupons and every runners must have Bananas.

This event from Nike got me a little excited to join other running events because of the freebies and running shirts that I can collect and use for my training. I was never really into medals during that time, my only concern is if there’s a finisher tee included. Basically I’m a noob and just having fun running. It was also the same year when I had my first 10km run for WeRun SG. 

drifit Nike shirt
Nike freebies
We Run Singapore 10km Challenge

In 2014 I will say I’ve been an occasional runner, and even had a run using my friend’s BIB, ssshhhh. During actual races I get more motivation with other runners. Seeing aunties and uncles run ahead of me made me realize to simply run more and enjoy the experience despite having a hard time looking good while running.

      Shape Run Aug 2014
non-runner to half marathon journey
Morning Run in Bali 2014

The year 2015 has been different. Taking running into the next level of my daily life hashtag #fridayrunner #weekendrunner. So how did running motivated me to really enjoy it and not just train because I have another upcoming race. Its simply because of two things health and Instagram, where runners understands each other and unite.

It helped a lot in improving my run and serves as an inspiration everytime I see other  runners profile. Like mom’s being able to run despite having children, a 92y/o woman being able to finish a marathon and others in which despite having busy schedules are able to train as well.

There are people who are so down and depressed learning to pick up running motivates me as well. Seeing their PR’s and PB’s struck me to focus and train aside from the benefits that an individual can get by simply just running. They also share stories on how they feel so low and lazy to run but still ending up running because it uplifts the mood and gives you courage that you can do more.

tumblr inline ntkd1btpu61qcmfz2 540
2015 runs + 2 more upcoming

I run not just because I have to train before my official run. It is part of my journey I run when I feel so down and have to release it, I pray while I run especially during actual races, I run when Im happy, I run when I see friends in instagram posting photos of their runs and I simply run because my week is not complete without a run. More than anything else running taught me something I am capable of just like how I discover my self enjoying photography.

past bibs and more to come
first set of medals
First set of medals

Sometimes running can be costly too, and if you do not feel like signing up on races you can opt for virtual runs like with Strava which has a monthly challenge open to everyone. Although there are just good runs that are worth it and I cant resist to join so I always have to check the inclusive items for each run.

For this month I made a serious decision and challenge myself by signing up for my First Half Marathon. First it was just for a virtual run but a friend encourage me to join an actual race which will happen on Nov. 2015. But for now here is my first virtual Half Marathon Challenge.

strava challenge
the look of a 13miler

This is my non-runner to half marathon journey, you too can start it’s never too late to take care of yourself by prioritizing your health and self-care. All it takes is to lace up your shoes and head outside.

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