Reasons Why We Look In The Sky

look in the sky its beautiful and fiery
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When was the last time you look in the sky and suddenly appreciate it. Took your camera phone and snap a photo especially during times when you feel discourage because of the situations you are not in control. This post is part of my Running Thoughts Series.

Look In The Sky

One fine afternoon with a bright looking sky I was standing in the living room and saw this beautiful sky I couldnt resist not to take a photo. It has been a long day for me but looking at the sky and the view I was mesmerized.

1. Appreciate its beauty

When you are walking outside or busy using mobile phone and suddenly you look in the sky and tell yourself or your friend look at the sky its so beautiful and you appreciate it.

There are times we take for granted this little beautiful things in our surroundings because we are so busy or overwhelmed of what is happening around us. Take this time to slow down and breath appreciate the little milestones however slow the progress is.

2. A memory to be kept

By looking in the sky you are reminded of a memory. It can be a happy memory that you are grateful of or something you wanted to cherish. A memory that is even though its painful but by looking in the sky you are reminded of how you are able to surpassed it and overcome the hardships.

3. Dreams in the making

Sometimes we look in the sky because it is a reminder of all of our dreams and aspirations. It is a way of acknowledging there is a lot work to do to reach our dreams and goals in life. It gives you hope that as long as you see the sky there is hope to reach your dreams and goals in life.

4. Overcoming hardships

Let’s admit it there is hope when you look in the sky. This is a reality when someone crosses a finish line of a race, a fulfilling promise of crossing it looking in the sky and pointing the hand up in the air. There are people who look in the sky and utter words of hope. A way of also saying thank you or giving gratitude.

5. Sky is not the limit

A reminder that there is nothing impossible. Remember how NASA was able to prove when they have a successful mission in the moon which means sky is not the limit. Don’t be afraid to venture into new things or discover a new talent. This is the time to go out of the comfort zone and learn to live the life you always wanted.

In every situation you have a choice to see the glass as half empty or half full. Although it is easier being said, the mind is so much capable of achieving it depending on how you will react. Look in the sky and think of something you wanted to happen and work on it. Look in the sky with a goal in mind and a purpose.

The next time you look in the sky smile and give yourself a pat in the back.

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