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This page is dedicated to the products and or services that I believe and have used which makes it part of my recommendations.

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All About Blogging

Starting a blog is no easy task but you will survive it with your dedication. To start a blog you will need the necessary legal templates not only to make your blog look professional but also to protect your hardwork. To start with check these legal templates to help you with your journey.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the number one task bloggers are giving priority to have better chances of ranking in google. Learning what keywords to use for in order to be seen and rank on google. I took the SEO Simplified e-book to learn more about it. And did you know aside from SEO, a visual search engine like Pinterest plays a part too. If you would like to learn more about how to optimize your Pinterest and improve your traffic check this course here and learn to grow your blog traffic. Having difficulty creating pins try these Pinterest Templates to be used and make your pinning easier

Plant-based Cooking

This book has been my guideline with plant-based cooking it has a lot of useful information about plant-based lifestyle and recipes.

If you are new to plant-based lifestyle:

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Free Baking Chart Conversion

Baking Needs

For your baking needs check here to start your journey with making sweets.

I have started to appreciate immersion blenders because I can do a lot of easy recipes from it. Check here for your choice of immersion blender.

All about Running

My curiosity with running has brought me to buy and read books or go to the local library, these are some of my favorites.


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