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The first of my Running Thoughts series posts Patience and Humanity. Articles under the Running Thoughts folders are my reflections while running, during my run and after running. I want to share my thoughts and what runs in my mind.

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Patience and Humanity

I went for a run this morning and wrote something in my mind. Few months ago an outbreak came out, it was the first time I experience and seen it with my own eyes how shelves in grocery stores become empty, basic and dry goods run out of supply and I became a little paranoid being in the airport as most people wear masks. The price of alcohol and sanitizers spike up (I actually reported those hoarders for over prizing) and the famous tourist spots became empty.

Singapore city bridge
I can hear the silence of my favorite running route

It is this time I realize how difficult not to touch your face and how we are reminded of basic hand washing. Recently it has been declared as a pandemic crisis by WHO. Everyday there are updates of new cases and reminders of limiting our travels.

In this time of crisis no one is above the law whether you are rich or poor it can hit you really hard its important to listen to the authorities and be vigilant, if you are ask to stay at home or practice social distancing do it for your own safety and your family. Help our healthcare workers by being not an additional patient to them. Also please try not to hoard everyone needs those basics too, in this time of crisis you will realize patience and humanity is what we all need.

Take care of yourselves and your love ones, take your vitamins, eat a well balance diet, go out if you want too run outside and breath this too shall pass.

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