Choosing The Right Running Shoes For You

In todays market running shoes are everywhere and it has also become lifestyle shoes or everyday shoes due to the comfort it gives us. Apparently because of the abundance of different kinds and styles how do you know which one will work for you to use for running? Is there even such a right runningContinue reading “Choosing The Right Running Shoes For You”

Reasons Why We Look In The Sky

When was the last time you look in the sky and suddenly appreciate it. Took your camera phone and snap a photo especially during times when you feel discourage because of the situations you are not in control. This post is part of my Running Thoughts Series. Disclaimer: This post contains links to an affiliate websiteContinue reading “Reasons Why We Look In The Sky”

The Power Of Embracing An Indoor Workout

The power of embracing an indoor workout has become vital due to the current pandemic situation of Covid-19 that affected the whole world. Even though it is so much better to do outdoor activities it is important that we put into consideration embracing an indoor workout. Outdoor activities like running has always been a goodContinue reading “The Power Of Embracing An Indoor Workout”