Vegan Japchae Korean Glass Noodles – Sweet and Gluten-Free

Vegan Japchae Korean glass noodles. I just finished a short 4 miles run and about to buy my Korean food for dinner, ah cravings. But unfortunately, the store doesn’t accept cards and I didn’t bring any cash, sad moment for me. The following day I decided to go to the grocery and cook something KoreanContinue reading “Vegan Japchae Korean Glass Noodles – Sweet and Gluten-Free”

Best Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Cake

The best dairy-free Pumpkin spice cake is definitely the one that you bake with your heart. Pumpkin is a staple during the Autumn season because the fruit is harvested during this time and has also become famous during Halloween. Fall or Autumn season is the most favorite season of many and definitely my favorite too.Continue reading “Best Dairy-Free Pumpkin Spice Cake”

Practical and Perfect Gifts For Vegan and Plantbased

The best practical and perfect gifts for Vegan and Plantbased people in your life, whether it’s for him or for her here’s a great list of cruelty-free best gifts that they will surely appreciate and remember.  Whether it is a gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, whatever the occasion is, or even if there’s no occasionContinue reading “Practical and Perfect Gifts For Vegan and Plantbased”

Earn A Medal: Virtual Race Pros and Cons

Let’s talk about virtual race pros and cons and how you can earn a medal. Running and racing gives a great feeling of accomplishment and realizing what you are capable of doing. But with races being canceled, Virtual race is the next option to still feel the spirit, the highs, and the lows of joiningContinue reading “Earn A Medal: Virtual Race Pros and Cons”

Best Gift Ideas For Runners and Enthusiasts – Budget Friendly

I got you covered with budget-friendly best gift ideas for runners and enthusiasts! Oh dear, time flies so fast and we are nearing the fall season soon it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. Are you ready for those holidays? The new normal is right here and we gotta stick with it, wearing facemask is stillContinue reading “Best Gift Ideas For Runners and Enthusiasts – Budget Friendly”

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