In the world of Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific aside from the main date of event, October 1, 2016 is such an important date because its the first day of registration for Cobra Ironman 70.3 2017 in Mactan island Cebu Philippines.

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Ironman 70.3 Experience

After my friends experience with the 2016 Ironman and hearing all the stories we got all hyped and excited here in Singapore at the back of my mind I told myself I wish one day I can join such prestigious event and go to Cebu.

Fast forward we formed several relay teams and register for the 2017 event but just a few weeks after our registration I wanted to back out and not to participate in the run leg instead I wanted to save my money to travel and visit Germany. I discuss the idea of finding another replacement for me with my friend and she told me to think about it until December then you decide of course there will be additional fees involve in the process.

I carefully think about it including the costs I have to bare if I decided not to continue then I told myself again maybe its now or never what if I won’t get this opportunity in the next year or what if I’m also not able to get a visa so I will loose two opportunities. I finally told her ok I will continue as days and months goes I had a hard time training because I registered with another half marathon but will be running in the evening.

For Ironman I have to run during late mornings to prepare my self with the heat while for Sundown marathon I have to train later of the evening to adapt with body clock.  After my sundown half marathon I started to condition myself to train again and sometimes with my friends.

But three months before Ironman I was not okay I feel a terrible pain with my shins that even a simple walk will cause pain and Im in denial and it was heart breaking then a friend told me to stop and rest that was like what….. for me how can I run efficiently if I have to stop my training but yes definitely she is right and I obey somehow I reduce my mileage and acquire rest.

I bought a book to help me run pain free and in that book I realize the importance of having correct running form, cadence count and the proper way of moving forward although until now I haven’t finish the whole book.

Before the Ironman I actually had another race in Phuket Thailand (June 2017) which is a 10.5km run somehow the idea of signing various races excites me but then it can also affect my other goal in running.

ironman 70.3
Training with the Lanaria sisters and Syl. 
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Enduring the heat in Singapore’s famous spot.
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When it rains it pours, the sun was shining bright then suddenly it rain.

Finally the moment we’ve been waiting for has come August the month of Ironman in Cebu. I came to Cebu Aug 4, 2017 after settling with the hostel we went to Shang to register and check the expo and oops to collect my race pack for the irongirl. The irongirl is another story that I signed up and here are the reasons:

  • The medal is cool and addition to my collection
  • Its just a 5k and can be my warm up run before the 21km of ironman
  • I like the shirt
  • I love to run……. justified enough.
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Right after my 5k race I headed back in the expo to meet my teammates and register together (its required)

tumblr inline ouz21lZoFB1qcmfz2 540 team #bcbpsg

A day before the actual competition we attended the mass together with the other participants, the homily is very relevant and timely it was given by a triathlete priest who will also participate in the race.  Its true that Ironman is not easy and when you’re out questions like why am I doing this to myself is like again and again why.

For me being in the road running is a reflection time for all the things that is happening to me good times and bad times its another place where Im closest to God because all I do is pray and ask for His guidance not to faint and to be able to finish strong. I believe the strength that we have did not only come from the training but also in the guidance of the Lord true enough its a celebration of life and a gift we are thankful everyday. 

Philippians 4:13

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Maayong buntag! time check 3am: Wide awake at 2 am preparing for the race.

The swim leg is a 1.9km swim, followed by the 90km cycling that will pass in the 4 cities of Cebu before going back to Mactan and run leg of 21km that is on the way to the whole stretch of Punta Engaño and will end back to Shangri la.

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Enduring the pain and the sport I love. Praying to God not to let me collapse.

Just a few steps before the finish line our teammates are waiting outside so we can all cross together.

tumblr inline ouz48gaRwV1qcmfz2 540
Sprinting towards the finish line with our cyclist Bro. Allan

Alas! We cross the finish line tired but finish strong, thank you Lord!

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Post race carbo loading with some of our teammates.

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The heat is real so Im soaked with free shower along the race.

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I am proud of you from relay to individual finish, you always put your heart in everything you do and hey we forgot our signature sign after the race. Thank you for organizing the relay teams and letting us experience this event and to your family for their hospitality.

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This is me signing off from this year’s Ironman!

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