Why I Wake Up at 5am

Why I wake up at 5am is part of my blog about self-care.

I used to feel like I don’t have enough time in the morning because of my previous alarm time. I remember setting it up around 6:45 am and then I need to get up as soon as possible to prepare my pack lunch for work and eat breakfast. This setup made me feel like I’m rushing out of bed whenever I hear my alarm aside from I have to hurry fixing and folding my sheets. I could barely give my self another Five minutes to stay or snooze the alarm unless I’m feeling really really tired and sleepy.

why I wake up at 5am with my coffee drink
begin each morning with a little routine : photo from unsplash by @dmacinnes

Why I Wake Up at 5am

I read an article about choosing the right alarm if you want to have a calm wake up so I’ve decided to follow it. I chose a more subtle alarm tone that will make me feel relax waking up and not the feeling of jumping up out of bed. Also I have decided to change my alarm time to give me an ample time to feel the moment everytime I’m waking up and stretch a bit in bed. I notice the change and how relaxing it is for me to be able to breath, stretch my back and my arms before getting up and folding the sheets.

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After a few months of having this routine I knew I could do more and better, so I have decided to set the alarm at 05:00 am the reason is I have decided to fully embrace running or training in the morning because of the current situation with Covid-19. I used to be a night runner on weekdays unless I have something at night then I have to run in the morning and also I am a morning runner during the weekends.

Given the current situation where most people are working from home I notice the sudden spike of runners in the nearby park connectors and with that I am left with a decision to embrace running in the morning where there are a number of less than Ten runners / walkers. After doing it for a few weeks my body clock has adapted and sometimes I don’t need to wait to hear the alarm as I’m even earlier.

It made me feel happier and more accomplish in the sense that first I didn’t procrastinate about waking up early, I was able to run which really felt good knowing that many are still in bed sleeping. I have this extra time to appreciate and watch the unfolding of the sunrise and read while enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate after eating breakfast.

This is the kind of little luxury and freedom I do not want to neglect before going to work. Beginning my day practicing gratitude and appreciation. Whether I just did a morning run or work out I am in control of my time and when the night comes I use it to cook my meal for the next day, read something and rest.

Maybe you would ask what time do I sleep at night when it comes to my sleeping time I try to be diligent to finish everything that I do by 9:00 or 9:30 pm and that includes having dinner, cooking another meal, and working on my website or laundry.

I also like to prepare my clothes the following day and by the time its 10:00 pm I am already laying down in my bed and ready to sleep.

What is your morning routine or what changes have you adapted because of the Covid-19. If you’ve been practicing this I want to know your why’s I would like to read your comments. For other self-care articles check here.


24 thoughts on “Why I Wake Up at 5am

  1. Kudos to you for finding the routine that is most suitable to your needs. My chronotype is not set for very early rising and I’m lucky to not be starting work until 10 am. I admire people who are as disciplined as you!

  2. I also started waking up at 5 am since the onset of the pandemic. I love starting the day with yoga practice, it really makes me feel great. I totally agree with you that if you try to exercise at night, something might come up, but when exercise is the first thing in the morning, it is almost guaranteed to happen. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love waking up early in the morning. It’s so peaceful and quiet which is what I really like. I usually wake up at 6am and do my self care routine such as yoga + journaling. It really sets my mood throughout the day! Thanks for sharing this ?

  4. I was doing this for a while and found it was a great way to start the day, I managed to read and meditate before the kids got up! You’ve motivated me to start doing it again!

  5. I love to wake up early because then I am feeling how productive this day can be! I have more hours and also more power! Luckily, I am a morning person and I am waking up pretty early (about 8 or 9). But already 1 month I am having a dog and now I am sometimes awake already at 6 o’clock! 😀 But I am thankful to my dog! We wake up early, take a fresh walk and start our day productively!

  6. I have a very similar morning routine. I don’t necessarily wake up at 5am, but I do wake up an hour and a half before I have to leave the house so I can take my morning slow and no longer rush. I got this idea from one of my managers and it has changed my life. Each morning I stretch (or do yoga) for at least 10 mins, meditate for 10 mins, journal, drink my coffee or tea, and dance to an awesome song 🙂

    1. Thank you Brianna 🙂 Wow I havent tried dancing but that brings a vibrant morning. Looks like a fun and light morning. I have to incorporate doing meditation I know it has a lot of benefits but I do love morning stretches.

  7. I have managed to push my getting up time to 6.30am, I definitely feel more productive as a result. 5am seems very early but I’d like to gradually work towards 6am ?

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