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Why I wake up at 5am is part of my blog about self-care. After almost two years of waking up early, I really felt I am more productive and feeling better.

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I used to feel like I don’t have enough time in the morning because of my previous alarm time. I remember setting it up around 6:45 am and then I need to get up as soon as possible to prepare my work lunch and eat breakfast.

This setup made me feel like I’m rushing out of bed whenever I hear my alarm aside from I had to hurry to fix and fold my sheets. I could barely give myself another Five minutes to stay or snooze the alarm unless I’m feeling really really tired and sleepy.

Why I Wake Up at 5am

I read an article about choosing the right alarm if you want to have a calmer wake up so I’ve decided to follow it. I chose a more subtle alarm tone that will make me feel relaxed waking up and not the feeling of jumping up out of bed.

Also, I have decided to change my alarm time to give me ample time to feel the moment every time I’m waking up and stretch a bit in bed. I notice the change and how relaxing it is for me to be able to breathe, stretch my back and my arms before getting up and folding the sheets.

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After a few months of having this routine, I knew I could do more and better, so I have decided to set the alarm at 05:00 am the reason is I have decided to fully embrace running or training in the morning because of the pandemic.

I used to be a night runner on weekdays unless I have something at night then I have to run in the morning and also I am a morning runner during the weekends.

Given that there are restrictions and many are working from home, I notice the sudden spike of runners in the nearby park connectors and with that, I am left with a decision to embrace running in the morning.

There are a number of fewer runners and walkers in the morning and after doing it for a few weeks my body clock has adapted and sometimes I don’t need to wait to hear the alarm as I’m even earlier.

It made me feel happier and more accomplished in the sense that first I didn’t procrastinate about waking up early, I was able to run which really felt good knowing that many are still in bed sleeping.

I have this extra time to appreciate and watch the unfolding of the sunrise and read while enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate after eating breakfast.

This is the kind of little luxury and freedom I do not want to neglect before going to work. Beginning my day practicing gratitude and appreciation.

Whether I just did a morning run or work out I am in control of my time and when the night comes I use it to do other things like cooking, studying, and writing.


  • You give yourself more time appreciate the mornings
  • You can start your day with a workout
  • You can enjoy a good homemade breakfast
  • It is good for your body

According to a CNBC article waking up early can help reduce the risk of depression.

Aside from running early in the morning, I use it to do some personal works which are really helping me now and I am able to read in the morning. Did you know that daily reading of at least 15 minutes a day can lift your mood?

Remember how many successful and famous people are waking up early. From the likes of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Michelle Obama, and others.

Why not take this moment to reflect and try setting your alarm an hour earlier than it used to be. Let me know how you feel about it.


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  1. When my kids were babies I used to wake up pretty early and I hated it. But now when I think about having a long day and having more time to drink coffee all by myself (without them screaming and fighting all the time 🙂 ) I might consider making my own routine. Thanks for this post, it is very inspiring for me!

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