5 Easy workout routines to get back on track after the holidays.  The festivities might be over and you step on the scale, while your numbers have increased I want to say that is totally fine. It usually happens, November and December are the months we enjoy the most because of the holiday foods, gathering and sharing.

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While there are times you might say I should have controlled my holiday eating, well that’s totally acceptable. Gone are the days that we should limit ourselves and just look at the table while others are enjoying the food although it could have also been done with a great balance. 

This article of easy workout routines to get back on track after the holidays will help you to start getting on track again or continue your fitness journey.

Advantages of Workout Routines

  • You can track your progress and assess your fitness journey.
  • It can help give extra motivation because there is a structure that you can follow.
  • It is good for your physical and mental health and well-being.

These 5 easy workout routines to get back on track after the holidays are not complicated and the goal is to just start small, adapt to what will work for you and your schedule and also the best thing about it is that you can also just follow one and eventually do all or alternate doing any of these 5 workout routines.

This is a great new year resolution as well if you have actually forgotten about improving your physical fitness. If you haven’t checked out my previous article about The Power of Embracing an Indoor Workout now is the time to check it out and try what indoor workout will work for you and your schedule.

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workout routines to get back on track after the holidays
Workout Routines

Workout Routines to Get Back On Track After the Holidays

1. Yoga

A practice and discipline that is good for our physical and mental well being. Not only yoga helps improve your posture, it also improves metabolism and a great form of relaxation and discipline.

The good thing about yoga is when you learn the basics and diligently practicing it you will be able to reap the benefits.

Do check this article later for some yoga poses inspiration that you can include in your workout routine. These easy yoga poses only need 10 minutes of your time every morning.

Morning Yoga Routine To Energize Your Day


2. Running

If you haven’t picked up running as a new hobby or sports well it’s time to do it now. Running has so many great benefits for our health and wellness but if you are not motivated to really run at all. Here are some  articles for you:

10 Effective Ways To Motivate Yourself To Run

10 Good Reasons To Run

Now don’t ever think that running is complicated at all although you have to assess yourself when it comes to running. You can start by doing some walking, followed by brisk walking, light jogging and eventually running. Allot 30 minutes of your time to get yourself into the routine.

You don’t also have to run everyday especially if it is not feasible or doable with your schedule. Did you know that there are different running workouts? From intervals, fartlek, long runs and recovery runs.

Different Types Of Running Workouts

3. Strength Training

There are so many available youtube videos that you can follow when it comes to practicing and doing strength training that sometimes it can be overwhelming especially if you do not see any results.

The key here is to practice with consistency and give it time because truth is progress doesn’t happen overnight.

Whether you are a runner or not strength training is important because it helps to perform daily activities with ease. It makes your bones stronger,  develops endurance and the fact that it feels good after a good workout. Strength training is a good form of exercise because of the benefits it can give to your body.

Some inspirations to do strength training

  1. Kyla Itsines
  2. Nimai Delgado
  3. Emily Skye

In performing strength training it is important to start with some warm up first  before jumping and doing such activity. Feel the stretch of your body giving 5-10 minutes warmup. It is also important to consult your doctor before doing any physical activity to avoid any injury.

My favorite sample of strength workout:

  1. Taking stairs instead of lifts and escalators when outside.
  2. Walking on my way to the metro with climbing stairs with a total of 2.4 kms on weekdays when working.
  3. Calf raises while waiting for the metro.
  4. Planking
  5. Planking with shoulder tap
  6. Wall squats while browsing my phone.
  7. Regular squats every morning 20-30 reps.
  8. Morning Yoga (10 minutes)
  9. Lunges
  10. Jumping Jacks

You can divide strength training into two categories and focus on them on separate days. Upper body strength training and lower body strength training.

4. Weight / Muscle Training

Although it might be similar to strength training, muscle training focuses on building muscles to your body incorporating weights to achieve it.

If you have your own set of dumbbells it is a good start with weight training to develop muscle strength and gain muscles. If you want to improve your upper body and tone your muscles choosing the right equipment is necessary.

You can seek assistance when purchasing your very own first set of dumbbells. If you will buy very light dumbbells it might not challenge you and you may need to increase the repetitions and sets in order to see results.

A too heavy dumbbell is also not necessarily good, as it may cause injury to you. Choose something that will challenge you as you go along with lifting, not too light and not too heavy at the start.

This form of workout can be done in the comfort of your own home. It is also a good way to burn those holiday fats and calories.

5. Cardio Workout

Although I have mentioned running as part of your workout routine, there are other cardio activities that you can also include like cycling and swimming.

Swimming is a total body workout, it improves endurance, tones your body, it is also good for your heart and lungs.

Swimming is a good form of workout especially if you are not allowed to lift weights or perform running. It is also gentle for the joints, a kind of workout routine that is gentle to your body.

Cycling is also a good body workout while enjoying the views outside taking you to places and also as means of transportations. I used to cycle after doing my grocery as the items are just too heavy to carry with my two hands.

Indoor cycling is also a good choice especially if the weather is too cold and it’s too dark outside. You can actually do indoor cycling while watching your favorite tv show so you don’t need to track time.

Cycling is a good low impact form of exercise gentle to your joints but will surely help also with weight loss or maintaining your weight. It is also a good cross train from running. While you can’t cycle outside indoor bikes can do a lot also at the comfort of your own home.

Spell your name workout poster
Spell Your Name Workout Challenge

Final Words for Workout Routines

Now that you have a great list of workout routines to get back on track after the holidays it’s time to prepare those workout clothes and get back on track. Whether your goal is to stay healthy, burn some calories or continue your fitness journey it is always a good idea to do something good for yourself to stay healthy.

Note: Before performing any workout activity or training, make sure that you are fit for it. This article is for information only and does not replace any medical or expert advice.

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